Month: March 2019

5 Simple Steps to a Comfortable and Relaxing Garden

The Elba Corner Set and Elba Side Table and free arm parasol on a patio in a garden.

Spending time in your garden helps raise your mood and recharge your batteries. Creating a space to unwind will help you escape this summer.

See our helpful tips to add comfortable, homely touches to your garden.

The Chelsea Steamer with Cushion from the RHS by KETTLER garden furniture range on a lawn..

Choosing your garden design

Pick a calming theme from the latest garden trends to help you relax. An idyllic country garden filled with big green hedges and traditional garden furniture helps us forget about the fast-paced, tech-filled world.

For a modern garden design try the Nordic style, with simple lines, natural colour palette and ultra-soft furniture. A Japanese Zen garden has a stripped back style with flowing water features, low, comfy seating and large, decorative stacked rocks. A Buddhist statue helps achieve a peaceful state of mind.

Creating an Outdoor Nook

For so many, comfort means hiding away, and the garden is the perfect place to escape everything. Finding your nook is easy. Pick a spot that isn’t overlooked by neighbours or near the kids’ play area. Surround yourself with tall plants or fences and put your feet up with a good book.

How to Add Soothing Sounds

Escape the noise of the street in an urban garden with simple garden accessories. Wooden bamboo chimes and a water feature or bird bath bring soft and natural sounds. Introduce calming music to your garden with a wireless parasol speaker or enjoy the natural sounds of a light breeze rustling the trees and plants around you.

Natural fragrances for your Garden

Planting sweet-scented flowers such as gardenia, lavender or sweet peas in your garden not only add fragrance but also helps reduce stress through gardening. These colourful flowers make your garden look warm and welcoming with vibrant petals. Planting herbs in the garden add a fresh fragrance and can be used in dishes at meal times.

Visit your local garden centre or nursery for help on what’s best to plant or pot in your garden.

Outdoor living room furniture

Look for indoor furniture for outdoors, such as a family corner sofa with thick cushions. Put your feet up on an outdoor footstool and bring garden accessories, such as a side table or coffee table to your patio.

Utilise shade on a warm day with a parasol or sit under a tree to enjoy a cool breeze. If you have a garden with a great view, don’t block it up with trees and hedges. For the ultimate touch of leisure in your garden, soak up the bubbles in a hot tub to relieve stress.

Making the Most of Your Home Garden

Close up of a lit Palma Fire Pit Table from the Kettler Palma garden furniture range, in a garden.

As soon as we get a few early days of spring sunshine, everyone begins to wonder what to do with their garden and long, sunny afternoons entertaining seem just around the corner.

To help you make the most of your home garden this spring and summer we have put together some top tips to get your garden looking amazing, no matter what the size.

Modular Garden Furniture

Modular garden furniture gives you the flexibility for all occasions and adapts to the space you have. You can pick and choose the type of furniture to suit the space you have or the guests you are expecting. It’s perfect for both hosting a garden party or relaxing with a good book on the patio.

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Small Garden Ideas

If you have a small urban garden or even a balcony, introduce plant pots to add colour without using too much space. Replace grass with stones or slabs for a low maintenance design and if it’s just the two of you, buy a bistro set and enjoy romantic meals outdoors.

The Caffe Roma Bistro Set with Aqua Check cushions on a patio.

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Adding Outdoor Accessories

Garden decorations and accessories are a great way to add homely touches to your outdoor space. Put plant pots on garden shelves or plant stands to add different levels to a garden. To give your garden a more spacious feel, a mirror can make a nice addition – alternatively, a side table always makes for a handy place to keep nibbles and drinks within arm’s reach.

Light Up an Evening Garden

Don’t go inside when the night falls! Watch the stars by the warmth of a fire pit table. A fire pit or chiminea creates a focal point for people to huddle round when darkness falls. Hang solar panelled lights over your garden or along a fence for a little eco-friendly light at a low cost.

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Your style doesn’t have to end at the back door. The garden is a part of you and when you invite guests over you should be proud to show them your perfect outdoor space. Define your look and then take your style outside.