The History of Royal Garden

KETTLER has been making garden furniture for more than 60 years. Throughout that time there have been many success stories, but in the UK, none greater than Royal Garden. This beautiful range of hand-crafted products was manufactured by a Kettler group company, MWH, at a factory near Heidelberg in Germany.

Detail of Royal Garnde Furniture

Royal Garden: The Reign Begins…

It all started in 1994 with one product, called Bodega. A new manufacturing process guaranteed it against rust for 3 years. As you can imagine that one single feature made it an instant hit in the UK. Royal Garden was born and Kettler (GB) Limited built upon its success for the next decade. The range quickly grew and the products became firm favourites with the UK public, and the garden furniture trade. John Lewis added Royal Garden to its collection in 1997 and it has been a best seller every year since.

The Royal Garden story took another major step forward in 2001, when the anti-rust guarantee extended to 5 years. This extention was a testament to the quality of the product and the confidence in the coating technique. Another milestone came in 2007 when some production moved to a new factory in China. The products maintained the same high quality standards and a new coating technique ensured the 5 Year Anti Rust Guarantee could be preserved. Royal Garden appeared in every major garden centre or department store throughout the UK.

The Evolution: Classic Garden

As more and more production moved to the China factory, the production in Heidelberg became unprofitable. In 2010 the Kettler Group’s management took the decision to close that factory. In the process, the Royal Garden name was acquired by another Chinese company, unrelated to Kettler’s factory. And so the new chapter began. In 2012, Kettler Royal Garden joined KETTLER CLASSIC GARDEN and appeared in many stores all over the UK, including in John Lewis.

Detail of a Classic Mesh Table.

The Legacy: Classic Mesh Furniture

The name may have changed but the quality lives on. Look for the durable mesh furniture with its THERMOGUARD+ coating in our Classic Collection. If you want to enjoy the same quality of product and service that we have offered for over 20 years then the name to look for is KETTLER. Available across the country and as popular as ever, you can choose from a wide range of mesh chairs and tables for your garden.