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It’s the little things that matter

Mother holding and kissing her girl in a garden surrounding.

Life’s most precious moments are in the details and there has never been a more prominent time that we are in to think about these. Ongoing small gestures can be so much more gratifying than grand displays. Not all of them are possible just now with the lockdown and social distancing but how great will it feel getting back to normal some time soon. Maybe everyone will not let life pass them by and not take things for granted.

We’ve curated a list of all the little things that bring the best of times (from a competition we run last Summer), according to you. Here are some of our favourites:

That first cup of coffee in the morning when the house is still silent and everyone is asleep. Leaving work on Friday, when the sunshine hits your face outside, and you just close your eyes and smile. Seeing the smiles on my kids faces when I get home from work.
Liam Bishop, entered via our site
Big family get-togethers – a great way for family members to catch up on relatives’ lives and strengthen family bonds.
Sophie Baker, entered via our site
When my baby, my partner and I are all laughing together, the feeling of warmth, love and happiness that flows between us make my heart burst.
Penny Bolan, entered via our site
My dog never leaves my side, he adores being with me and gives me lots of love, he melts my heart.
Lauren Henson, entered via The Dadventurer
I love spending time playing outside with my two girls drawing with chalk looking for bugs and playing hopscotch!
Claire Willmer, entered via The Dadventurer
I absolutely love going to the beach and splashing in the water with my three children. Afterwards we always go for some fish and chips. Heaven x
Claire Hart, entered via Everything Mummy
Driving along an empty country road admiring the beauty.
Brett Pereira, entered via Everything Mummy
Getting a chance to read the paper whilst listening to some music. Instead of the usual soundtrack to my life – children’s TV!
Alex Cook, entered via Who’s the Mummy
Hearing the birds singing first thing in the morning & knowing that it’s going to be a beautiful day.
Ann Gwillim, entered via Who’s the Mummy
Watching my baby daughter try new food… If it’s something she especially enjoys she puts her head to one side and makes little “numnumnum” grunts!
Carrie Landeryou, entered via More Than Toast
A family bike ride and picnic. Snuggling under a blanket in the sofa watching a movie and eating popcorn with my children.
Charlotte Astley, entered via More Than Toast
A cup of tea in bed with a good book, catching up with an old friend for coffee, seeing the blossom coming out on the trees and realising that winter is over for another year.
Chloe Shipman, entered via Mummy in the City
Sitting down the garden in the early evening watching the great tits feeding their brood. Joy!
Liz Slade, entered via Mummy in the City
The little thing that makes me happy is every morning I wake up and look to the side of me and see my beautiful sleeping boy. When he wakes up and spots me he instantly has the biggest smile on his face and it makes me so happy to see that face every day.
Anna Sherman, entered via our site
When one of my grandchildren cuddles up and says ‘Love you, Nan’ – three little words that make me tingle inside 🙂
Patricia Avery, entered via our site
The little thing that makes me happy is being woken up by my little rescue dog Maisie in the morning – she always nudges my nose with her cold wet nose and does a little squeak when I open my eyes – she is just too adorable.
Sandra Jo Siddall, entered via our site
Early morning walks with the dog, when the sun has come up and you can feel it’s going to be a gorgeous, sunny day.
Joe Dee Phoenix, entered via The Dadventurer
That moment when the kids are asleep and we both sit together for five minutes, but don’t say anything. It’s the little things.
Danielle Jackson, entered via The Dadventurer
I love the wild pheasants bringing their chicks into our garden each year – honoured!
Suzanne Brown, entered via Everything Mummy
Sitting with my husband with a cup of tea, listening to the birds in the garden and the horses in the paddocks neighing to each other across the fields.
Liane Amos, entered via Everything Mummy
Getting back from work, making a cuppa and having a lie down in my garden on my comfy corner garden sofa.
Laura Nisbet, entered via Who’s the Mummy
Taking the family and dogs to Hengistbury Head in Dorset and walking along the beautiful beaches, huts, harbour, wildlife sanctuary and woods. It doesn’t cost anything and we always have a wonderful day, whatever the weather.
Michelle Clarke, entered via Who’s the Mummy
Listening to the rain outside whilst curled up on the sofa in a big jumper.
Frida Becker, entered via More Than Toast
Impromptu BBQs which turn into late night gatherings finishing with marshmallows around the fire pit.
Jim Flowers, entered via More Than Toast
At 70 years young, just waking up in the morning.
Ian Price, entered via Mummy in the City
Browsing a vintage shop with my boyfriend on a rainy afternoon.
Jayne Hyman, entered via Mummy in the City
The dog sneaking into our bed for morning cuddles before I get up.
Joanne Smith, entered via North East Family Fun
Volunteering at my local animal rescue centre.
Amanda Tanner, entered via North East Family Fun
Breakfast in the garden in our nightclothes when our daughters visit and the weather is really warm!
Judy Herring, entered via our site
The smell of the pavement after it has rained!
Katharine Balyuzi, entered via our site
The little thing that makes me happy is every morning I wake up and look to the side of me and see my beautiful sleeping boy. When he wakes up and spots me he instantly has the biggest smile on his face and it makes me so happy to see that face every day.
Anna Sherman, entered via our site
I have to walk through a park everyday on my way to work. Something always makes me smile. It can be the squirrels playing round a tree or the seagulls doing their little dance to get worms. There is always something.
Jacqui Allen, entered via our site
When my girls play in the garden together and I can sit with a new notebook and sketch as I watch them.
Kate Dalgleish, entered via our site
I love the smells of fresh grass and being by the sea, also a nice cup of tea always goes down a treat.
Tracy Baines, entered via our site
A little bit of sunshine always brings a smile to my face.
Margaret McCaffery, entered via our site
We have an elderly neighbour who literally knows everything about nature and he loves to drop in and tell us how his bees are doing or how to spot badger poo, he’s an absolute delight and we love him dearly.
Bella Bazley, entered via our site
Putting the paddling pool up on a warm day in the garden, eating ice lollies and drinking wine!
Jodie Askew, entered via our site
Freshly baked bread topped with creamy butter.
Mike Cambridge, entered via our site
Cuddles with my cat and a really great book! It doesn’t take much!
Laura Gibson, entered via our site
Sitting in the sun with my shoes off, watching the birds feed and bathe in my pond, with a glass of wine!
Mary Graham, entered via our site


Why not give some of them a try.

BBQ Safety Tips Cheat Sheet

BBQ Cheat Sheet logo for the fire safety and tips blog.

The sign of a good dinner party is guests leaving well fed, having had fun and full of praise for the host. With this summer set to be a scorcher and plenty of good reasons to host a BBQ for friends and family, there’s never been a better time to earn a reputation as the king or queen of the outdoor party.

Meat Cooking Temperatures

First and foremost, you’ll want to serve tasty food that shows off your culinary prowess. Ensuring that meat reaches the perfect temperature in the middle is the key to achieving this. For example, it’s important that the internal temperature of chicken or pork is high enough to kill off harmful bacteria and be cooked all the way through. Whereas, keeping an eye on the internal temperature of steak will allow you serve it to your guest’s tastes. Turning meat regularly will help you cook it evenly and safely.

The different flavours can be enhanced with marinades, sides, perfect drink matching and your own charming hosting.

Top Tip: Preventing flare-ups will stop charring, for better flavours and an even, healthy cook.

BBQ Fire Safety

A fire safety issue at a BBQ can be more damaging to your reputation as a host than a biblical downpour just as you serve the food. However, with a few simple steps, it’s easy to remove the majority of risks.

Firstly, it’s imperative to prepare properly; cleaning and maintaining your BBQ will help avoid risks. If you have a gas BBQ, annual checks by an authorised expert will also decrease the chance of accidents. Selecting the right spot for the BBQ is also important –  be pragmatic; ensure it is away from hazards and in a place where you can concentrate on the task in hand, but not so far away that you’ll deny your guests of your sparkling wit.

Top Tip: Beware of shirt tails, sleeves, apron strings, ties, long beards… BBQing is as much about spectating as it is about the taste, just keep people at a safe distance.

Meat Heat: the Ultimate BBQ Cheat Sheet

Following our handy guide will help you to take care of the basics and ensure that you are are an attentive host, serving up perfectly cooked food and avoiding any safety mishaps.

Although some BBQ safety advice may seem like common sense, it is a key part of the art of outdoor dining. If you get the safety element right, all the other parts of being a great host will build from there. That should mean the only things you’ll have to consider after the event are disposing of ashes or empty gas canisters and, of course,  what to cook for your next event.

For more tips on making the most of your outdoor space with great BBQs, take a look at our guide to barbecuing for guests with dietary requirements or the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ recipe page.

The #GoodOldDays with Kettler – WIN a Daytona Air Go-Kart

For over 50 years we have been moving and inspiring generations of children to explore the great outdoors. Since 1962 we have continued to provide family fun through producing iconic, durable ride on toys that have taken thousands of children on endless adventures.

Now, we’re looking back through the years at the #GoodOldDays while reminiscing of playing outside for hours on end from dawn ‘til dusk – when there weren’t as many electronic devices to distract us from the outside world!

There are huge benefits in outdoor play for children but with more and more digital devices, it’s becoming harder and harder to decrease screen-time and take part in activities away from television, phone and tablet screens.

Childhood memories of the past were all about embracing the freedom of the outdoors, playing with neighbours until it got dark, penny sweets, climbing trees and making dens!

According to research by the National Trust, children spend half the time playing outside as their parents, but outdoor play shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Not only does it have such an important part to play in creating childhood memories, but there are also benefits of outdoor play on children’s development, such as:

  • Building social skills
  • Developing muscle strength
  • Advancing motor skills
  • Encouraging self-confidence
  • Increasing sleep quality
  • Enhancing academic performance

We offer a wide range of outdoor toys that are a fantastic way to help children develop these lifelong skills while having fun and spending more time outdoors, including balance bikes, pedal go-karts and even table tennis tables.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a Daytona Air head of to our Facebook page and enter our competition. All you have to do is like the post and comment your most cherished memory of ‘playing out’.

Let’s look back through the years at some of the most legendary Kettler Kettcars:


The launch of the first Kettcar and the beginning of a long success story that continues to this day.


A modern plastic steering wheel replaced the metal handlebars making the Kettcar lighter and easier to pedal.


Moving with the times all Kettcar models are fitted with a weatherproof high back plastic seat for extra comfort.


The Super Kettcar is fitted with a cushioned bucket seat and integrated roll cage which provided additional grip.


The Salzburg had a specially developed tubular body which absorbed impacts even more effectively.


With the Sauerland the backrest and steering column could be collapsed in seconds to fit into the boot of any car.


For the first time ever a model is built for children up to 16 years of age. It was also fitted with a two-speed derailleur.


With the Nevada 2 drivers now had the choice of 7 gears as well as an electronic speedometer.


To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary, this model takes its places among the successful series of pedal racing cars.


Barbecues for All Diets

Logo for the barbecues for all diets blog post on a grey background.

Some of the best memories are made outdoors in the garden, with good food and even better friends. With BBQ season now in full swing, we wanted to make sure everyone is catered for at your next gathering. It’s easy to create a menu suitable for everybody – all you need is a little bit of planning.

Vegan and vegetarian BBQs

Attending a meat-eating friend’s BBQ as a veggie or vegan can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you’re new to the scene. In addition, it can be equally confusing hosting someone with specific dietary requirements.

Vegetarians follow a diet with no meat or fish. Vegans, on the other hand, exclude, as far as possible, all forms of animal products. The dietary aspect of veganism involves plant-based foods. However, someone who only follows a ‘plant-based’ diet sometimes doesn’t avoid animal testing or by-products, unlike vegans.

A barbecue doesn’t have to revolve around meat. There are plenty of vegan and veggie BBQ options suitable for everyone’s tastes and requirements. Making sure you’ve got an extra throw-away BBQ or a separate area to cook will help avoid any cross contamination and is a great way to make sure everyone feels comfortable. If in doubt, always ask your guests about their preferences.

Top tip: Ask your veggie and vegan friends for ideas! There are numerous meat substitutes out there.

Food allergy advice

In addition to those who follow special diets, it’s estimated that around 2 million people living in the UK have a food allergy – this figure doesn’t include those with food intolerances. To help prevent guests from having an allergic reaction to food, make sure you read up on their requirements beforehand. Similar to catering for veggies and vegans, it’s a good idea to ask for some suggestions of foods they can and want to eat.

Top tip: Freefrom sections in supermarkets are a great place to find popular foods that omit some of the top allergens.

We’ve put together some tips to help understand all your guests’ dietary requirements and make sure everyone has a good time.

With a little bit of research, chefs of all skill levels can create a healthy BBQ to accommodate everyone. From veggie and vegan meals to gluten-free BBQ foods; a barbecue can be diverse, as well as delicious. Try Heston’s char-grilled tomato and avocado slaw as a yummy vegan accompaniment or, for some vegetarian BBQ ideas, the roasted pineapple sundae is perfect for dessert.

Now all you need is the perfect barbeque from our Everdure range. From the charcoal hub to our furnace gas BBQ, we’ve got something for every outdoor garden party.

Conservatory Decor Ideas

Two Classic Recliner with Footstool from KETTLER's Classic Garden Furniture range in a conservatory.

A conservatory is the midway point between indoors and outdoors. Big windows to your garden are the backdrop to a second living room or dining room. But a conservatory can often be neglected or considered the “other” lounge where kids play or guests are sometimes entertained.

Conservatories or orangeries have evolved in recent years to become more snug and homelier. They can reflect the style of your home or be a completely new design, bridging the gap between your garden and home.

What’s your style?

The style of your conservatory can depend on many factors. An important thing is to consider it as both an extension of your home and of your garden.

Simple steps can be taken to create a vintage or contemporary look. A floral tablecloth, rustic furniture or using the brickwork of the house gives a classic look. Conservatories with solid roofs are the latest in modern design with folding, glass doors for a wide opening.


Remember, a conservatory usually gets the brunt of dirt from the garden. A carpet is probably not the best idea. A wood/veneer flooring is easy to clean and includes modern and traditional options. For a warmer feel underfoot, sisal flooring is ideal or simply place a rug in the centre of the room.

The LaMode Corner Set in a rustic conservatory.

Sun Block

A conservatory or sunroom is brilliant for light as the windows create a bright, airy ambience. With such big windows, the inside needs to stand out at both day time and night time. Using light, pastel colour tones make the open space feel even more open.

Dark colours absorb the heat of the sun, unless you use UV glass or blinds. It is best to keep away from dark floors to avoid tip toeing across your conservatory.

Blinds or curtains ensure shade from the sun as well as privacy. A fretwork screen can also provide some privacy while still letting light through. This is a great way to keep the conservatory cool during the day.

Chilly Nights

Conservatories can be ignored over the winter months for being so cold. Yet a glass filled room could feel like a fun, human-sized snow globe on a snowy day. Add a throw or warm blanket as well as a rug and you can feel snug.

Infrared heating is a new, innovative form of electric heating, perfect for a conservatory. Check for drafts and fit window shutters to stop hot air from escaping.

Outdoors In

Indoor plants are a great way to blur the lines of indoor and outdoor spaces. Tall plants with a structural shape help fill spaces and brighten up the room. Fabrics with leafy designs, such as curtains or cushions, also help provide a natural feel to the room.

A man and woman enjoying the Palma Sofa Set in a conservatory.


Wood and wicker seating and tables are popular choices for furniture in a conservatory. These feel natural and react well to the changing temperatures of a conservatory. Enjoy your garden furniture for longer by bringing it into your orangery for year-round use.

Most modern garden furniture is borrowing designs from indoor furniture. Use a dining table as a focal point with a vase of colourful flowers at its centre. A green or lemon table runner can also help bring the outdoor colours in.

View the Kettler Garden Furniture, made for outdoors and indoors here.

Kettler Sponsors Bronze Medal Winner at World Triathlon Championships

Mireille Cook wins bronze for GB at the World Triathlon championships.

Meet Mireille Cook: a 42-year-old working mother of 2. 2 years ago, Mireille discovered a love of triathlon. She now represents Great Britain on an international level for her age group (40-44 years) and Kettler Fitness are proud to sponsor her.

This summer she was crowned the European Champion for Standard Distance Triathlon and England Sprint Distance Champion in her age group.

Triathlon World Championships

Most recently, she represented GB in the World Championships in Rotterdam. Over 90 women took part from nations across the world; from USA to Mexico, Japan and Australia. Mireille crossed the finish line at the impressive time of 02:12:59.

Mireille swam, cycled and ran to a bronze medal!

She said of her win, “I am thrilled to have been able to represent my country and winning the Bronze medal was worth every second of training! I am extremely grateful to Kettler GB for their sponsorship which helped make competing for Team GB possible.

With the triathlon season coming to an end over the winter time, Mireille is currently training for Duathlon (cycling and running) as well as cross country events. She will be taking part in the Southern Masters Cross Country Championships on Saturday 9th December.

We wish Mireille good luck and look forward to checking in on her during her winter training.

Breathing New Life into a 50-Year-Old Kettler Truck

Close up of a 50 year old Kettler Truck turned into a mini garden.

It’s always exciting to hear about old Kettler products. We design our products to last and received a customer’s story about a DIY project with a 50-year-old Kettler truck.

From Kettler Truck to Garden Feature

As a family, we were stationed at R.A.F. Gutersloh, Germany between 1968 and 1970. Whilst there we bought the truck as a present for our three boys. It was much loved and used by not only our boys but other children as well for many years.

Over the bank holiday weekend we were clearing out the garage and came across the truck, very rusty, top of the handle missing but otherwise all intact – even the tyres were still in good condition. Having kept it all these years, I was reluctant to part with it. So we transformed it into a mini-garden and am hoping it will last another 50 years.

It shows how well made this truck was to withstand all the fun and games, and neglect over the years.

50 year old Kettler Truck turned into a mini garden.

As we sell both garden furniture and outdoors toys, this kind of ingenuity is great to see. Decoration like this would look fantastic in a traditional garden and includes a fun story to tell every new visitor.

Waitrose Summer Festival

Tents on the Waitrose Summer Festival in the sunset.

The third week of August saw Kettler and Everdure by Heston Blumenthal on show at the Waitrose Summer Festival. Held at the Leckford Estate, on the sprawling green fields of Hampshire, the 3 day festival included celebrity chefs, food stalls and cooking schools.

Waitrose Festival letters made from flowers

Delicious BBQ Food on Sale

Heston Blumenthal’s team at the Fat Duck restaurant in Bray cooked up a storm as queues and queues of people waited in anticipation. The menu included the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger and the Ultimate Smokey Hot Dog, all cooked on the HUB charcoal BBQ.

Burgers sizzling on an everdure by Heston Blumenthal barbecue.

Kettler Furniture on Display

Festival goers could rest on the Kettler Palma Corner and Palma Mini Corner sofas while beatboxers and soul singers from the streets of Covent Garden serenaded them. Gorgeous cocktails, designed by Heston Blumenthal, were on sale at the bar. Drinks included the wickedly tempting Cherry Bakewell Vodka (available at Waitrose).

Young man playing guitar.

After tucking into their meal, people could then take a closer look at the BBQ’s on display. Staff stood on hand to answer any questions. The full range was on show: from Force and Furnace Gas BBQ’s to the HUB, Fusion and CUBE charcoal BBQ’s.

everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ's on display at the Waitrose festival.

Despite the odd spell of rain and occasional patch of mud, the Waitrose Summer Festival was a success. We had so much fun showing off the fantastic Everdure by Heston Blumenthal charcoal and gas barbeques. We are sure that watching the professional chefs at work inspired the many who came to our stand. And yes, the food tasted amazing.

Kettler Customer: The 40 Year Old Go-Kart

Girl playing on a 40 year old Kettler Go-Kart.

We love to hear people’s Kettler stories. There’s nothing better than reading customer’s comments on how our garden furniture or our go-karts have been a part of their lives.

When we received an email from an owner of a 40 year old Kettler Go-Kart, we had to tell people. Here is their story:

Kettler Christmas Present

“I used to ride my Kettler go-kart 40 years ago when I was a kid.

It has been used by: My older brother, me, my 2 nephews and finally (as pictured) my own little girl using it (and eventually her sister!)…

Bit battered now, lost its front number sticker and its rear tyres would probably fail its MOT. But it has had a repaint and with a little bit of oil on the chain it lives on!

My dad still remembers building it in the early 70’s. It was Christmas eve; all the instructions were in German and there was a bolt missing. So, he rummaged around in his jar of spares to find one to fit so there wasn’t a disappointed boy on Christmas day!”

Tell Us Your Story

We believe in promoting the Best of Times and sharing magical memories through the years. If you have a 40 year old kettler go-kart or some classic garden furniture, passed on through the family, you can share your story with us. Go to the Contact Us section on our website or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and message us.

We can’t wait to hear more memories.

New 2018 Garden Furniture and BBQ Products at Trade Show

SOLEX (Summer Outdoor Living Exhibition) is an annual trade show Kettler attends to show off the new 2018 garden furniture coming next summer, as well as what will continue on from this year’s range.

Solex is one of the most exciting times of the year for us as we meet garden centres and retailers from around the country. Just like other years, this year did not disappoint. We felt delighted when we received the Solex Stand of the Year Award.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ’s

Kettler Everdure Exhibition Stand at Solex 2017

This year saw the first year Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ’s featured at Solex. It was fantastic seeing all the BBQ’s and accessories from the range on show for people to see. With new accessories for next year, we cannot wait to see how people push barbecuing even further.

New 2018 Garden Furniture

Unfortunately we cannot tell you what new products we showed at Solex just yet. But we can reveal our Casual Dining and Cora ranges will be seeing some exciting new additions…just don’t tell anyone.

Kettler Caleta Casual Dining Set on Solex exhibition stand

Competition winners

And the winners are…

Thanks to everyone that entered our Best of Times blogger competitions. We’re happy to announce the lucky winners of the Everdure By Heston Blumenthal barbecue below:

Everything Mummy – Winner: Danielle Vedmore, Merseyside

More Than Toast – Winner: Anna Weguelin, London

Mummy in the City – Winner: Lyn Burgess, Wolverhampton

North East Family Fun Winner: Kim Wallace, Surrey

The DADventurer – Winner: Kayleigh Manning, Cornwall

Who’s the Mummy – Winner: Debbie Johnson, Vale of Glamorgan

Congratulations to all our winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes and get some delicious meals out of them! If you weren’t lucky enough to win this time, there’s still a chance to win a stylish Caleta set in our Best of Times competition.

Looking for tips for making the best of times in your outdoor space this summer? Our Indoors Outdoors Hub has plenty of inspiration:

Planning the perfect family barbecue – Planning a family BBQ? Try one of our unique themes to make sure your guests have the best of times.

Growing your own vegetables – There’s nothing like the taste of vegetables that you’ve grown yourself. Find out how to grow great tasting veg in your garden with our handy guide.

A garden for all occasions – Organising a once-in-a-lifetime event this summer or just a casual get-together with friends and family? Our guide has all the tips you need to transform your outdoor space into the perfect venue for all occasions.

Kettler Videos Are Here!

Last year we wrote about our experiences making Kettler videos for some of our fitness and garden furniture products. You can read that post and see behind the scenes photos here.

Now our videos are available for you to enjoy. You can find videos on product pages as well as our Garden Furniture Videos page. We hope that our new videos will help bring our products to life for customers looking to see more of our high quality products. Below are some of the videos as well as more behind the scenes photos.

Ezra Corner Set

Find out more about the Ezra Corner Set here

K2 High Incline Treadmill

Find out more about the benefits of High Incline Treadmills

RHS Chelsea Garden Furniture

Find out more about the RHS Chelsea range here

You can see all Kettler Garden Furniture videos here

You can also watch our videos on Vimeo and YouTube where we post all Kettler videos from past to present.