Author: Nazia Irfan

Guide to Buying a Garden Heater

Palma fire pit table

If you want to enjoy your garden all year round, then an outdoor heater would be a great investment. Having the right patio heater will allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space, even when the temperatures drop. However, choosing the right patio heater can be tricky. With this guide, we explore all the options that you should consider, so you can keep your garden nice and toasty even on cold days.

1. Choose the right fuel type

Garden heaters typically use one of four main types of fuel sources – Natural Gas, Propane, Electric & Wood. Before purchasing an outdoor heater, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option.

Often used for fire pit heaters, propane is a better option than wood-burning as it provides instant warmth on chilly days, without the constant need of adding wood. Propane garden heaters are easier to control and eliminates the danger of flying sparks. However, they can become quite expensive to run in the long run, as the gas tank needs to be replaced regularly.


  • Easy to start-up so you can enjoy instant warmth
  • No installation required
  • Enjoy more control, turn the heat up or down with ease
  • Create the ambiance of a campfire, without the worry of smoke getting in your eyes
  • Portable, so can be moved around easily


  • Propane gas costs more than natural gas
  • You are required to replace the gas tank periodically
  • Doesn’t provide the same level of heat that a wood fire does
  • Can’t be used in a covered or enclosed space

Kalos Fire Pit

Natural Gas
Natural gas garden heaters are popular for the great heat output they provide however, professional installation is required as you need the garden heater to be hooked to a natural gas line. Due to this, you will incur a substantial upfront cost, but once installed they are the cheapest to run.


  • Cheap to use in the long run
  • Easy to maintain
  • Greater heat output than electric garden heaters


  • Professional installation required
  • Can’t be used in a covered or enclosed space
  • It can be difficult to move as natural gas heaters are fixed to the permanent gas lines.

Electric Garden Heater
Electric garden heaters are typically the most convenient option as they don’t require any installation and can be simply plugged in for instant heat. Also, they are the only heaters that can be used in an enclosed environment. However, electric garden heaters are slow to heat the surrounding areas.


  • Easy to use – just plug it in and flip the switch
  • Can be used in a covered and enclosed space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to move around


  • You are limited to where you can place the heater, as it needs to be near an electric outlet
  • Slow to heat up surrounding areas

There’s nothing quite like being huddled around a real fire, which is why wood garden heaters are a popular choice due to the atmosphere they create. However, you do have the inconvenience of continually adding more wood to keep the fire going.


  • Provides a great atmosphere
  • Affordable to purchase


  • Requires more maintenance than the other options
  • Can be tricky to ignite
  • Have less control over the level of heat
  • It can be difficult and expensive to get wood.

2. Choose the Right Design

Before purchasing, you need to consider what design will work best with the rest of your garden decor.

Floor Standing Patio Heater
With an out-there design, floor standing patio heaters are made to be noticed. They are tall, thin and give off a good amount of heat. The price for these can vary depending on how the heater is powered as you have the choice of either gas or electric. The Kalos Floor standing electric heater features a classic design and boasts an impressive 2100W heat output that can heat even the most expansive of gardens well.

Hanging Garden Heaters

If you want to save garden space, then you require a hanging electric heater. As it provides enough heat to keep you comfortable, without taking up precious garden space. Hanging heaters are almost always electric and available in varying sizes. They usually require installation and depending on how handy you are; are simple enough to do it yourself.


Close up of a lit Palma Fire Pit Table from the Kettler Palma garden furniture range, in a garden.

Tabletop Heaters
Tabletop heaters offer a more affordable option and are great if you only have a small space to heat. Many of them look like smaller versions of the large floor standing heaters; the same design but small enough to place it on top of a table.

Fire Pits
If you want to enjoy that campfire feel in your back garden, then fire pits are perfect as they provide that wood-burning ambiance. Of all the options highlighted fire pits require the most maintenance, but for some people, the atmosphere they provide just cannot be beaten.

3. Other things to consider when buying an Outdoor heater?

Space & Use
Arguably the most important consideration when choosing the right patio heater, is the space that you want it for? The situations you will be using it in? How many people will typically be using the heater?

Your decision needs to be based on these considerations as for expansive gardens, a large floor standing heater would be best. Whereas if your garden is small and you spendKalos Lanterns your time in one area, then a tabletop heater can do the trick. For enclosed or covered spaces, you have to rule out most options, except electric outdoor heaters. If you want something more atmospheric and serves as a focal point, then a fire pit would be ideal.


To avoid unnecessary running costs and prevent wasted energy keep in mind the amount of heat you will need. If you have a wide space and need to provide heat for a lot of people, then a higher wattage heater will be required, usually over 2000W. For smaller spaces, then lower energy output is required, therefore anything around 1500W will be enough.

There’s no hiding from it all heaters come with risk. Tall, floor-standing patio heater need to be weighted down properly to prevent them from falling over on windy days as you have a risk of fire. All the Kalos electric heaters come with an auto shut off feature for that very reason.

Gas and wood heaters need to be kept in open spaces. If you place one in an enclosed area, then you risk the build-up of carbon monoxide and even a fire hazard. Electric heaters are the safest option for enclosed places, but you still need to be careful, as you can’t place them too close to anything that is highly inflammable.

As fire pits involve an open fire, you must practice extra caution. Make sure you always put the fire out completely when you’re done using it and never leave kids unattended.

Ease of use
While some garden heaters are extremely easy to use, like electric heaters, fire pits take a little more work and time to set up. Also, the fuel source needs to be replaced regularly.

It is worth weighing the outdoor heater you like against what maintenance work you are willing to do, as you want to ensure you get good use out of it.

You can’t control the British weather, but you can make your garden more comfortable by choosing the right outdoor heater. Make those social summer evenings last longer with the right garden heater, so your guests can stay comfortable and cosy. For more tips and ideas, keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs.

Honey Roasted Turkey Christmas BBQ Recipe

We understand that as exciting as Christmas day is, it can also get a little hectic. The whole family is visiting, and everyone is looking forward to the dinner that you’ve been given the task of preparing. No pressure, right? Well, why not try something a little different this year, by using the Everdure 4K BBQ to cook a succulent Honey Roast Turkey recipe? Not only does it give you some extra space in the kitchen; the 4K connects to an app that tells you when your food is ready so there’s no need to worry about waiting around. All the hard work is done for you, making your Christmas that bit easier.


For the honey and citrus brine
320g salt
14g thyme
80g honey
6g coriander seeds
4 garlic cloves, crushed
3 lemons, zest only
3 limes, zest only
1 orange, zest only
17g black peppercorns

To brine the turkey
4 litres reserved honey and citrus brine
2-4kg turkey

To make the glaze and cook the turkey
500g cranberry juice
100g Cointreau
400g honey
reserved brined turkey


  • Place the salt along with 4 litres of water into a large pan and bring to the boil to dissolve the salt. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool 40°C. Add the thyme, honey, and remaining aromatics and once completely cooled, place in the fridge overnight. (This brine recipe should be doubled if the turkey is larger than 4kg.)
  • Strain the honey and citrus brine into a large container. Add the turkey and brine for 14 hours in the fridge. Remove and wash the turkey under cold, running water for 1 hour. Pat dry with kitchen paper.
  • In the meantime, make a glaze by combining 225g of the cranberry juice and the Cointreau in a pan and reducing to a syrup over medium heat. Remove the pan from the heat and add the honey and the remaining cranberry juice.
  • Place 350g of charcoal into the 4K and ignite as per instructions. Fill the metal cup with water and place it onto the inside bracket. Place the half-moon grills into the 4K and top with the pizza stone. Plugin one temperature probe and leave it hanging out for now. Place the stainless steel grills above the pizza stone and close the hood once the ignition turns off. Allow the 4K to reach 180ᵒC, and set the top and bottom vents to position 1.
  • Season the brined turkey with salt and place onto a baking tray. Place it inside the 4K, place the probe deep into the thigh joint and cook for 30 minutes or until the skin starts to turn golden. Monitor the heat to ensure a surface temperature of around 70°C is maintained on the bird. Add a piece of charcoal every 30 minutes through the side loader, or as needed.
  • Quickly open the 4K and brush with glaze every few minutes until the turkey begins to get sticky. Remove the bird from the 4K once the core temperature reads 68°C and rest for 30 minutes before carving. Reserving any juices to be used in gravy along with half of any remaining sauce.

Kettler Garden Furniture: What’s New For 2020

Although summer may feel like a distant memory and any thoughts of lounging in the sun are far gone, don’t despair as we have some exciting news for 2020. With fresh new ranges, expansion of popular collections and new brands launching in 2020, here is a preview of what’s in store.

Even More of the Palma Collection

We will be expanding our popular Palma Collection with a wider choice of garden dining chairs and tables. We have introduced a wider range of protective covers to keep your furniture in top condition. We will be introducing hanging egg chairs and reclining garden chairs, to bring even more ways for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Keep Life Simple!

New for 2020, we are launching a very exciting brand called Menos, which will offer bold colours and exciting new materials. Ideal for those looking for comfortable outdoor furniture, without taking up too much space. The range includes dining chairs, tables and parasols, which you can Mix and Match in a choice of colours to create a set, perfect for you.

Enjoy your garden, whatever the weather

We want to make your outdoor living space, as comfortable as possible and the new Kalos range will do, just that.  Create a warm ambience with a choice of Kalos electric lighting and heating, suitable for all types of gardens. The range also includes gas fire pit tables which will keep you and your guests warm, with its glowing flames.


The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ’s are back, bigger and better in 2020. With a wide choice of BBQ’s these is something for everyone.  Whether you see yourself as an outdoor entertainer or you’re after a portable BBQ for the beach. Not forgetting a wide range of Everdure BBQ accessories, which will have you creating epic meals for the family in no time.

Luxury Range

We will continue to offer the Yati & Kebon luxury garden furniture, which encompasses a wide variety of products including lounge chairs, sofas and benches. Yati & Kebon’s high quality products truly turn your outdoor living space into a beautiful sanctuary.


We are so confident in the superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials that our garden furniture are made of, that we offer a 3-year warranty on all the frames whether its metal, wicker or teak wood. All the cushions and protective covers come with a 12-month warranty, so you can buy with confidence.


Kettler are honoured members of LOFA (Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association), whose primary aim is to ensure that manufactures develop good working practice and a respect for the environment. We are proud that all our garden furniture products meet the high standards set out within the LOFA, Code of Practise.

4 Reasons to Get Your BBQ Out this Winter

The nights maybe drawing in but that doesn’t mean the BBQ needs to go into hibernation. Here are 4 reasons why you should get your BBQ out this winter.


Summon the fire on the spookiest night of the year with a Halloween BBQ party. Pick your favourite dishes and give them grizzly names – decorated accordingly. What about rotten ribs or chilling chilli lobster? Mwaahaha!

Recipe Idea: Try the “Apple Bobbing” Tart Tatin and Smoked Ice Cream BBQ dessert.

Fireworks Night

A BBQ is the perfect way to feed guests at your home firework display. The fire from your charcoal grill complements the smell of the bonfire. A menu on a bonfire night should have the classics; hot dogs and burgers.

Recipe Idea: grill the Ultimate Hot Dog with Crispy Shoe String Potatoes


If you’re looking for an alternative Christmas Dinner idea, try firing up the BBQ? Grill a turkey drumstick or put a chicken on the rotisserie for a different taste over the festive season. You can cook the whole meal on the 4K outdoor oven from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

Recipe Idea: Try the delicious roast leg of lamb.

New Year’s Eve

Bring in the new year with a big feast! Cook chicken wings, chicken kebabs or a grilled mix seafood platter for your BBQ buffet. Guests can help themselves to your delicious treats before the big countdown to midnight.

Recipe Idea: The Grilled Mix Seafood Platter is perfect buffet food for any party.

Pastel De Nata (Portuguese Custard Tart) Everdure Dessert Recipe

If you see yourself as a bit of a star baker then why not bake a dessert with a twist, with Everdure’s BBQ. The Furnace BBQ creates a 360-degree circulation around the food, creating the perfect environment for baking.

If this week’s Great British Bake Off (GBBO) has encouraged you to get your bowl and whisk out, then why not have a go at baking these Portuguese Custard Tarts in your Furnace BBQ.

Ingredients (Makes 80)

For the dough
1000g wheat flour type 55
15g salt
550g cold water, approximately 5°C
1 large egg
500g low-water unsalted butter
200g lard

For the custard
The Syrup
1000g white caster sugar
1 lemon, zested
1 cinnamon stick

The Cream
1000g whole milk
100g cornflour
100g plain flour
14 large egg yolks
1 large egg


  1. In the bowl of a stand-up mixer fitted with a dough hook, add the flour, salt, egg and some of the water. Begin to mix on low speed and start adding the remaining water, keeping it mind it may not need all the water. Continue mixing until a smooth dough is formed, continue mixing until the dough becomes elastic. Remove from the bowl, cover in cling film and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  2. In a clean bowl of a stand-up mixer fitter with the paddle attachment, add the butter and the lard. Begin to mix at low speed for a couple of minutes followed by a few minutes at medium speed or until the mixture has become one. Divide into 3 equal parts.
  3. Remove the pastry from the fridge and roll out into a large rectangle measuring 0.5cm in thickness. Spread 1/3 of the butter mixture on 2/3 of the dough. Fold the 1/3 of the dough, without butter, onto the middle 1/3 of the dough. Fold the remaining 1/3 of the dough with butter on top. Place on a tray and cover with cling film. Place in the fridge to rest for 15 minutes. Repeat the process 1 more time.
  4. Roll the dough one more time into a large rectangle measuring 1/2 cm in thickness. Spread the remainder butter on the surface of the dough. Lifting the dough from the longer edge, roll the dough into a long cylinder. Place on a tray covered with cling film and place in the fridge for 15 minutes. Cut the ends of the cylinder. At this point the dough could be cut into smaller cylinders and kept in the freezer.
  5. For the custard, make the syrup by adding the sugar to 500g water in a pan over medium heat. Add the lemon zest and cinnamon and allow to boil until the mixture reaches 105°C. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  6. To make the cream component of the custard, place the milk into a medium size pan over medium heat. Add the cornflour and allow to simmer while whisking, until the milk thickens. In a bowl, combine flour with 200g water until completely mixed. Add in the warmed milk and mix thoroughly.
  7. Then, add the syrup to the cream and whisk until mixed through. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks and eggs until light and creamy. Add some of the cream mixture and continue to mix to temper the mix. Slowly add the rest of the cream mixture while continuously whisking. Allow to rest for 1 hour. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve discarding the lemon zest and cinnamon stick.
  8. To assemble, cut small discs out of the dough and place in individual tins measuring 5.5cm in diameter and 2cm in height. With wet thumbs, carefully press the pastry down and spread to the sides of the tin, ensuring the pastry is even in thickness throughout.
  9. Preheat the Furnace BBQ and place a pizza stone inside. Close the lid and allow the temperature to come to 350°C. Fill each pastry case with the custard and lightly torch the surfaces of each with a blowtorch. Place 10-12 tins at a time on the pizza stone and close the lid. Cook for 12-14 minutes before carefully removing the tins and setting aside. Repeat until all the tins are cooked.
  10. Allow the cooked Pastel de Nata to rest before removing from the tins. Serve warm with powder sugar and ground cinnamon on top.


Benefits of Playing Table Tennis!

If high-intensity fitness exercises are not your thing then maybe it’s time to give table tennis a go. Also known as ping pong, the game is played in more than 200 countries worldwide and is growing in popularity in the UK. The reduced movement required makes table tennis an ideal recreational sport for all ages and abilities.

Below are just some of the benefits to playing a game of table tennis:

  1. Improves hand-eye coordination – Playing table tennis helps stimulate mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. It is the perfect game for both young and old to sharpen reflexes.
  2. Develops mental acuteness – A key element of table tennis is the speed, spin and placement of the ball. Research has found that regular players of table tennis are highly skilled in both creating and solving puzzles.
  3. Improves reflexes – Due to the fast-paced, short-distance nature of table tennis, it helps improve muscle movements.
  4. Great for the joints – Unlike some physical exercises, table tennis does not put too much pressure on your joints and can, in fact, improve leg, arm and core strength. It doesn’t matter what fitness form you are in; a game of table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you’ve had a knee surgery.
  5. Good for weight loss – Even a 10-minute game of table tennis can do wonders for your fitness. A 150-pound person in weight can burn around 272 calories by playing table tennis for one hour. Considering how addictive the game is, you will be playing it for hours.
  6. Sociable – Table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age, physical ability or gender, therefore, helps improve communication and build relations. Buying a table tennis table for your home will allow siblings and parents to spend more quality time together whilst playing.
  7. Improves Balance – Staying balanced and being able to quickly change directions are key to being successful in a ping pong rally. With regular play, it will help improve balance.
  8. It’s Fun – Give it a go and we can guarantee you will share hours of joy and laughter.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder that table tennis has been dubbed “the world’s best brain sports” by America’s best-known psychiatrist, Dr Daniel Amen.

Fun Facts
  • Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988.
  • In professional table-tennis volleys, the ball can reach speeds as high as 90mph.
  • Table tennis is the national sport of China.
  • Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world. It is estimated that 300 million people, worldwide play ping pong.

Now that you’re convinced, check out our wide range of table tennis tables and start playing! If you need help choosing the right table tennis then head over to our table tennis buying guide for more information.