Guide to choosing the right BBQ

Nothing quite beats the experience of cooking on a BBQ when the sun is out. Picture yourself in your garden on a summer afternoon enjoying a delicious porterhouse steak cooked minutes before on the BBQ.

With so many types of BBQs available nowadays from portable ones to gas ones, and even those that allow you to cook roast turkeys outdoors. Before purchasing a BBQ it’s worth asking yourself a few questions so you get one that is right for you.

Gas or Charcoal BBQ?

The main consideration to make is whether you want to cook over gas or charcoal. Gas BBQs are great, if you don’t want to wait around, as they can be ready to cook on in less than 5 minutes. They also have the added benefit of having multiple burners, which allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures, with less risk of burning. Plus, they are super easy to clean as there is no ash to dispose of.

For a classic BBQ, experience opt for a charcoal BBQ, which gives food that authentic smoky look. However, charcoal BBQs can take longer to get going as you have to make sure the embers are piping hot. Although, for some, the fun of barbecuing is the satisfaction of getting the charcoals burning. A charcoal BBQ does require more maintenance though, as you need to clean the grill and remove the ashes every time you use it.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ Features

Gas BBQ – The Furnace

The ultimate gas barbeque

  • Extra large 2915cm² cooking area
  • 3 independently controlled high-performance burners
  • Instant searing – ready to cook in 5 minute
  •  Up to 29MJ of power
  • Variable flame control
  • Slender, ergonomically designed taps with rotary ignition
  • Extra high hood for convection cooking
  • Flexibility to cook with hood up or down
  • Die-cast aluminium body and serveries to prevent rusting
  • Vitreous enamel coated hood and grill plates for easy cleaning
  • Tapered legs for stability, can be removed from stand for portability
  • Available in 3 contemporary colours

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Charcoal BBQ – The Hub

The ultimate charcoal experience

  • Charcoal + electric element
  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes, thanks to the Fast Flame Ignition System™
  • ‘Set and forget’ electronic control
  • 40kg rated capacity rotisserie with Rotiscope Technology™
  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Retractable 1.5m power cord
  • Large storage area behind 2 double-lined doors which doubles as a warming area
  • Porcelain enamel firebox
  • Chrome grills with cool-to-the-touch handles

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The Costs

Another consideration is the costs involved. For a gas BBQ, you need to hook it to a gas cylinder, which you can purchase with a deposit or a hire charge. Once that is empty you can exchange the cylinder for a new one and you only need to pay for the gas. Whereas charcoal is relatively cheap, to begin with however you do end up using more, so the long terms costs over 3 seasons are very similar.

Size of BBQ

You need to consider what you are likely to cook and for how many? If you are cooking for a family (up to 6 people) then a two-gas burner or medium-sized charcoal BBQ will be ideal. As they heat up quickly and can be easily stored away when not in use.

If you enjoy hosting larger parties then you might want to consider a three or four gas burner, which will allow you to cook more food in one go. For a charcoal BBQ look for a bigger grill space but also something with a warming rack, which is useful to keep cooked food warm whilst you continue cooking. It is worth noting larger BBQs can be tricky to move around, so think about where you will be keeping it when not in use.

Portable BBQs are ideal for smaller outdoor spaces or if you want something to take with you when you go camping or caravanning. They usually feature a handy lid to keep everything compact however, you are limited to what you can cook due to their size.


In the end, what BBQ you choose depends on your individual preference. If you enjoy the experience of slow cooking over low ash, then get on that apron and show off your culinary skills on a charcoal BBQ. On the other hand, if you like the thought of impromptu BBQs, with no waiting time and little cleaning to do then invest in a gas BBQ, which will last you a long time.

Before you go planning your BBQ party it is worth considering what BBQ accessories you will need.

Barbecue covers

If your BBQ is going to be stored outside, protect it from the elements with a hardwearing barbecue cover. Choose one that is tailor-made to fit your BBQ and is water and tear-resistant. The Everdure electrical BBQ’s come with a tailor-made cover included for added protection.

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Barbecue Cleaning

Keep your BBQ looking good as new by cleaning the grills after every use with warm soapy water and brush. For extra help, we offer a range of BBQ cleaning sprays to make the job easier.

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Barbecue Cooking Tools

To prepare delicious food you need the right equipment. With a wide range of BBQ cooking tools including tongs, roasting racks, and rotisserie tumbler available to purchase online.

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