Cooking a Roast Dinner on a Gas BBQ

By using the roasting cooking method on the Everdure Gas BBQs, allows it to operate as a convection oven.  This means you can cook anything on the FURNACE and FORCE BBQs that you would in your oven, even a roast. This type of cooking can also be used to make breads and even cakes.

In the video Michelin chef, Heston Blumenthal explains how to cook the perfect leg of lamb on a Gas BBQ.


Top tips for Roasting on a Gas BBQ

  • Roasting (or running the barbeque with the hood down) should be done with only one burner on a low or medium setting (depending on the weather). This will ensure the Gas BBQ doesn’t overheat and spoil your food.
  • Roasting is best done using a raised roasting rack, such as the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal roasting rack, which allows heated air to circulate around the meat, and fats to drip away from the meat.
  • Cut a piece of foil slightly bigger than the roasting rack and place it in the centre of the barbeque on top of the plate and grills. Cut some slots through the foil so that excess moisture and fats can flow through the grill. Place the roasting rack centrally over the foil. Pre-heat the barbeque for 5 minutes with the hood down and the outer gas controls on high (for the Furnace BBQ, leave the centre control knob off).
  • Once the barbeque has reached 180°C, open the hood, place the food on the roasting rack, close the hood and turn the control knobs down to low (these can be adjusted during roasting to keep the internal temperature stable, as weather conditions such as temperature and wind speed will affect the efficiency of the barbeque).
  • Monitor the cooking periodically, until the food is cooked.

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