Cooking on a Gas BBQ

The great thing about Gas BBQs is that they don’t require any lighting materials except for the gas fuel. However, it’s still important to get the heating process right before you start cooking, to ensure you have the right temperature to avoid food getting burnt.

The Everdure FURNACE and FORCE Gas BBQs are really powerful and are able to reach really high temperatures in just 5 minutes. Both BBQ’s have split burners, which are independently controlled by the ergonomically designed taps. When the hood is down you can get high convection heat, similar to the oven in your kitchen, allowing you to cook anything from Roast dinners to chocolate brownies. Check out Heston Blumenthal, cooking the perfect steak on the FURNACE Gas BBQ.

Here are answers to some of the common questions, regarding cooking on a Gas BBQ:

Should I cook with the hood up or down? 

The FURNACE and FORCE BBQs can be used either way. For small cuts of food its best to cook with the hood up. Whereas if you want to use your gas BBQ as a fan assisted oven, then cook with the hood down – perfect for Sunday roasts.

Just remember to pre-heat your BBQ for 5 mins (ambient temperature conditions dependent) before starting.

How do I cook with the hood down? 
The FURNACE has three burners and the FORCE has two burners so the technique is slightly different but the convection science is still the same.   The idea of convection heating is to cook ‘slow and low’.  When the hood is down, you only need to have the one burner on a low or medium setting (depending on the weather). Place the meat over the section with the burners completely off; this will generate a great 360 degrees hot airflow around the meat without scorching the underside (the indirect cooking method).

Remember to NEVER leave the burners on high with the hood down for more than 5 minutes aa the BBQ will overheat. For even better results place the meat on the Everdure roasting rack.

Is it ok to put the BBQ plates or grills in the dishwasher?

The plates and grills on the FURNACE and FORCE are coated in porcelain enamel (which aids heat retention and helps avoid food sticking on the surface). Dishwasher detergent can break down the porcelain enamel over time, so we don’t recommend putting them in the dishwasher. To help their longevity, you should clean after each use with non-abrasive scourers and soapy water.

How do I maintain the paint finish on my Gas BBQ?
It is recommended to clean the hood and firebox with a microfibre cloth before first use and regularly thereafter. On rare occasions, the hood paint finish may change slightly due to heat. To restore the paint to its original finish, we recommend following the below instructions.
1. Never attempt to clean the BBQ whilst in use. Always allow the BBQ to cool fully before cleaning.
2. Once cool, apply a small amount of multi-surface polish to the top of the hood.
3. Using a microfibre cloth, gently wipe down until all polish residue has been removed
4. The paint finish should quickly return to its original gloss finish

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