How to Barbecue using a Rotisserie?

The Everdure Hub and Fusion barbecues feature the innovative Rotiscope Technology, allowing you to enjoy top-of-the-line rotisserie, in moments. Cooking on a Rotisserie is the best way to prepare large cuts of meat, as they can be cooked at a slow pace with gentle, constant, and even heat from below.

In the video Michelin chef, Heston Blumenthal explains how you can easily set up the rotisserie in your back garden to create the perfect centerpiece.

How do I set up my rotisserie?

The forks and the rods are stored in the small storage section on the side of the Hub and Fusion BBQ. Simply push each pole to release from the storage position and select one of the 3 defined heights. Get your meat bound onto the rotisserie rod and secure it with the Cliplock forks (included) to keep it in place. Insert the end of the rod to the rotisserie pole and press the switch at the front (marked with arrows). That’s it you are ready to cook, it really is that simple

Helpful Tips

  • When adding the meat to the rotisserie, ensure the weight is evenly balanced.
  • To reduce the likelihood of uneven rotation and to ensure the meat is at the best distance for great results, try raising or lowering the poles during cooking.
  • Do not press the ignition button when re-loading the charcoal during cooking. The heat from the old coals will ignite the new charcoal.
  • Remember to clean the BBQ after each use.

How much weight can I add?

The Hub motor can hold up to 40kg of meat and the Fusion motor is rated to hold up to 15kg. Before purchasing the meat, it is important to measure the length so you can be sure that it fits on the BBQ. If you want to rotisserie meat that contains a large bone, such as a leg of lamb, simply ask your butcher to remove the bone and roll it before you take it home.

How do I remove the rod once the meat is ready?

When handling the rotisserie, we always recommend using heat-protective gloves. Before attempting to remove the rod ensure that the motor is switched off. Once the motor has stopped turning, lift up the lid on the left-hand pole and grab the rod handle securely. With your other hand, grab the opposite side pole and gently remove it from the motor drive shaft. Put the meat and rod onto a large preparation area and allow it to rest. Once cool, remove the forks and rod from the meat and prepare to serve. We always recommend 2 people when removing the rod from the Hub. Failure to follow these steps can result in injury and/or product damage.

How long can I run the motor for?

We recommend using the Fusion rotisserie for a maximum of 3.5 hours and the Hub for a maximum of 6 hours at any one time. If you need to cook the meat for longer, then ensure the BBQ and the parts are cool before starting it again.

How to Manage a Flare-up:

A flare-up is caused by fats and juices from the meat excessively dripping onto the hot coals and igniting. This can be quite common during rotisserie cooking over charcoal

The first thing to remember is not to panic! You can reduce the risk of flare-ups if you remember the following:

  • Never leave your barbeque for more than 5 mins.
  • Juice falling onto the coals is what adds that great smoky flavour and should not be avoided. However, too much flammable juices coming into direct contact with hot coals will most likely result in a flare-up.
  • Closely watch how the juices start to escape from the meat and begin to fall on the coals. To reduce the risk of flare-ups, keep a channel area clear so the juices can drip from the meat and avoid the coals.
  • Select the ideal pole height so any flare-up flames do not reach the meat turning on the rotisserie. They will quickly burn away and reduce their intensity.
  • It is recommended to avoid using oily marinades, instead choose a dry rub to season the meat.
  • If a flare-up becomes dangerous, it is recommended to stop the motor. Using heat resistant gloves, remove the rod and meat from the barbeque. The flare-up will naturally burn out and when safe to do so, simply put the rod and meat back on the barbeque and switch the motor back on.

Handy tip: Place an aluminium tray under the meat to collect some of the juices from the meat. These juices are full of flavour and can be used as a great baste to keep the meat succulent and moist.

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