Pedal Go-Kart Buying Guide

Use the KETTLER Pedal Go-Kart Buying Guide to help you pick your child’s birthday or Christmas present with our handy tips. When it comes to pedal Go-Karts, there are 3 main areas to consider: size, style and safety.

Kettler go-karts, the ultimate pedal toys to keep kids active.


  • Our go-karts are sized by age and also height.
  • Most importantly, its imperative that you choose the right size of go-kart for your child to make sure they can start using it straight away and get plenty of usage out of it.
  • The main sizes are 2-5 years and 5-10 years.
  • All our go-karts have adjustable seats to grow with your child and ensure they can reach the pedals adequately and comfortably. No tools required.


  • All our go-karts have the same basic features – they are all pedal go karts with the same chain driven mechanism.
  • The style and colour will ensure that your child feels confident around town. Let them pick for added enjoyment.
  • Most of our go-karts are unisex colour schemes so suitable for both boys and girls.


  • The majority of our go-karts feature the freewheel facility: if your child stops pedalling or goes down a slope the pedals will not continue to move round and force the child’s legs with the motion. It also means that there is a forward / backward motion. This is much safer and much more enjoyable for the child.
  • Some models also have the impact absorption strip for safety and comfort.
  • What about tyres? Air tyres are a very popular feature on go-karts – they handle better on all terrains, such as grass and pavements. All models which don’t have air tyres feature resin wheels with a rubber tread. Resin wheels are still good for all round use and are not noisy like some cheaper models on the market.
  • KETTLER Kettcars feature designs based on years of experience and innovation. We manufacture in our own factories, mainly in Germany.
  • Our Go karts come with a 3 year parts warranty for home usage which does not include mis-use or abuse.

Barcelona Air handbrake and wheel detail

Child riding Kettler Spa Kettcat in the garden

KETTLER Go-Karts come boxed with minimal assembly required – you can expect to have it ready to go in 15 minutes (more or less 6 screws). If you would like to see a copy of the assembly instructions for any particular product prior to purchase, please email us at and we can email you a copy (hard copies are not available).