Classic Spin 11

The Classic Spin 11 indoor table tennis table is one of the best on the market. The 22mm blue wooden top and sturdy frame make this a professional standard table.

With two separate halves that lock together easily, the Classic Spin 11 matches incredible performance with impressive practicality. Fold away legs and wheels on each half make the ping-pong table easy to transport and store.

Product code: 7140-650
£649 RRP
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The highest specs and best performance for rally after rally in the home or office.

The Classic Spin 11 indoor table tennis table is our premium table with a traditional blue surface and a height adjustable net.

Ready to play in 5 minutes, the two table halves easily lock together. This indoor ping-pong table also includes a clip-on net which is simple to set-up and comes with an integrated levelling tool to ensure the net remains straight and at tournament height.

Fold away indoor table tennis table

The Classic Spin 11 has the necessary features to ensure you always have a professional standard indoor table tennis table, regardless where you use it in. Levellers on all legs combat uneven floors so the playing surface remains perfectly flat for even-handed matches. The wooden top of the Classic Spin 11 has a premium anti-glare coating while the aluminium undercarriage helps provide a consistent bounce.

When you’ve finished playing table tennis, simply unlock the halves, fold away the legs and store the compact table out the way. Wheels make transporting the table halves easy.

KETTLER indoor table tennis tables are only for use in rooms where the temperature is constant and dry.


KETTLER's Spin 11 Indoor Table Tennis Table in a folded position.

Sturdy two-piece table

Two completely assembled table tennis table tops with sturdy base frame made from 50mm black square tubes and a 55mm aluminium undercarriage frame.

Wheel detail of KETTLER's Spin 11 Indoor Table Tennis Table.

Easy to transport

Each top has wheels so they can be rolled into position.


  • 22mm special wood board top.
  • Ultramarine blue, anti-glare coated playing surface.
  • 50mm aluminium undercarriage frame.
  • Clip-on net with height adjustment.
  • All legs have floor levellers.
  • Two completely assembled tops with sturdy base frame made from 50mm black square tubes.
  • Each top has transport wheels for vertical transport.
  • Easy, compact storage.
  • Partial-assembly.
  • 3 year warranty (conditions apply).
  • Unheated garages and outbuildings may be unsuitable for an indoor table.
  • Table tennis equipment set also available.