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High Incline

A High Incline Treadmill is one of the best ways to tone your legs. You can see results fast…

A High Incline Treadmill is one of the best ways to tone your legs. You can see results fast and feel your heart racing for the ultimate cardio workout. Simulate running up hills without leaving the home and set the incline to your ideal level. Ease into a higher incline, reducing unnecessary stress on joints which a natural hill might cause and avoid unfriendly terrain you might experience outdoors.

Our High Incline Treadmill, the K2, offers 0% to 40% incline for up to five times more calorie burn in an exercise session. Control the incline using the high-tech console with a back lit LCD display to help you track not only the incline but also heart rate, distance, time and much more.

HIIT is all the rage right now, up and down gyms across the country. High intensity interval training burns more calories, increases endurance, boosts cardio and, studies have shown, is more enjoyable than a low intensity steady-state exercise. HIIT training gives you breaks within a workout and takes less time than a standard workout with better results. A HIIT workout is win-win!

A high incline treadmill, at full gradient is not for the faint hearted. However, this does not restrict a high incline treadmill to just the pros. Incline treadmill walking is great for rebuilding muscles when recovering from an injury or offering a comfortable way of toning if you are overweight.

From incline lunges to squats, high knees and side skips; the variety of exercises one can do on a high incline treadmill is incredible. Ideal for slowly increasing intensity, KETTLER’s high incline in-home gym equipment offers fast fat loss and extreme muscle toning.

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