Garden furniture buying guide

As summer is approaching, make the most of the good weather by dining and relaxing outdoors. Here are our top tips for buying garden furniture, so you can create the perfect outside space in no time whatsoever.

Things to Consider!

Before you begin, here are the things you need to ask yourself to ensure you buy the garden furniture that is right for you.

How much space do you have?

One of the most important aspects to consider is how much space you have to work with? Is it a garden or a balcony? Whatever outdoor space you have, at Kettler we have an option to suit all sizes. At this stage, it’s important to get a general sense of space, rather than exact measurements.

How will the Garden Furniture be used?

You need to consider what purpose, the garden furniture will be used for. Do you want to enjoy eating al fresco, so looking for a dining set? Or maybe you want to relax and lounge in your garden, so want the comfort of a sofa or armchair. By thinking in advance about how you plan on using your garden furniture, you get a better idea of the types of furniture you require, whether it’s casual or dining.

Have you got somewhere to store the furniture?

It’s important to think about where you plan on storing your furniture when it’s not in use. Do you plan on bringing it indoors when the weather changes, or do you have enough space to keep it outside all year round? Most of the Kettler furniture is suitable to be kept outdoors all year round. Although, it’s worth noting that during the Winter, cushions need to be stored in a dry, well-ventilated environment.

How Much Maintenance does the Garden furniture require?

Before purchasing anything, it’s worth considering how much effort you want to put in caring for your garden furniture, as certain materials require more work than others. Would you like to give your furniture a lick of paint every year, or do you want something less demanding? This is an important consideration, as you want to be able to enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Types of Materials to Choose From!

Garden furniture is available in a whole variety of materials, including Wood, Metal and Rattan.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is available in two options – Natural and Synthetic. The Kettler wicker garden furniture is made from synthetic rattan, as its environmentally friendly and durable, so can be left outdoors all year round. Whilst visually, it is almost impossible to tell the two apart.

Kettler rattan garden furniture is handwoven to give it the quality that it deserves. Made with resin weave, which is hard-wearing, yet lightweight. Not only is it resistant to mould and mildew it is also UV resistant, so the colour won’t fade.

Wooden Garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture is ideal if you want to add a natural and timeless look to your outdoor space. The Kettler RHS wood garden furniture boasts beautiful raw material with a stylish, traditional design.

All the wood that we use is Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) approved, which means the wood is responsibly sourced.

We offer furniture in 3 different types of wood: Teak, Acacia and Eucalyptus.

  • Acacia – Acacia wood naturally weathers over time, so is recommended that protective treatment is applied, at least once a year, to keep it looking its best. The durable wood is highly resistant to the elements, so the furniture can be left outdoors all year round.
  • Eucalyptus – Used in our RHS garden furniture, eucalyptus is an excellent hardwood with high oil content, so it is naturally resistant to decay and rot. To maximise its longevity, treat the wood with a high-quality, water-based acrylic sealant.
  • Teak – Used in the popular Elba Collection, teak is a dense wood with high oil content. Teak is more water-more resistant than other woods, so it won’t rot, even in the dampest conditions. To maintain its beautiful colour, you can sand it down and apply wood treatment, once a year. Alternatively, if you choose to leave it untreated, the wood will turn to a silver-grey colour.

Caredo 4 Seater Dining Set with Stone check seat pads from KETTLER's Classic metal garden furniture range on a patio.

Metal Garden Furniture

If you want garden furniture that is sturdy, and easy to care for, then the metal furniture is a great option. At Kettler, we have Metal furniture to suit all styles – from classic to contemporary. Apart from being highly durable, metal garden furniture is low maintenance, only requiring an occasional wash with soapy water.

Choosing the Right Type of Garden Furniture

Kettler has garden furniture to suit all occasions, whether you want something for dining and socializing to lounging and relaxing.

Garden Furniture sets

If you enjoy al fresco eating, then our practical and stylish dining sets will be the perfect option. We offer large dining sets, which can accommodate 6 to 10 people, or compact bistro sets ideal for 2 people. Space will have a big influence on the furniture set you decide to buy. Use your space wisely and if you’re limited for space, a stylish, compact and easy to store table and chair is a good choice. You don’t even need a garden, as bistro furniture sets can also fit on a balcony.

The next consideration is the shape? Round, square, rectangle and even oval tables are available and in many cases, the table shape is simply a matter of taste and space.

The Kettler garden dining range offers innovative features, such as the Palma height adjustable table, which can be set at two different heights, perfect for any occasion. If you just want to lounge you can lower the table into a coffee table or adjust it to its taller height for dining.

Casual Lounging Sets

The Kettler Casual lounging sets offer a sophisticated, luxurious and contemporary option for your garden. With the stylish lounge sets, you can enjoy all the comforts of indoor lounging, outdoors. Our collection includes armchairs, sofa sets, coffee tables, pouffes and, so much more.

Kettler’s Casual lounging ranges feature bespoke-sized outdoor tables, which are positioned at a lower height than regular garden dining tables, so ideal for lounging around.

Sun Loungers, Chairs and Tables

The Kettler sun loungers and chairs come in a wide choice of styles, making the perfect addition to any garden. The ergonomically designed loungers, not only create additional comfort but can reduce tension in the back and neck.


The rattan wicker loungers come complete with sumptuous cushions included, for added luxury. There’s a choice of multiple positions for complete comfort and a stylish look. If wicker loungers aren’t your style or too big, then its worth considering metal-framed sun loungers. They are fully adjustable, foldable and often have wheels, so they can be easily moved around.

Check out the Palma Hanging egg chair for a truly eye-catching statement chair, which is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

If you’re more inclined to sit upright, then deck chairs and armchairs, are a great option – especially if you’re limited for space.

Garden Benches

Nothing quite beats a classic garden bench in a beautiful traditional garden. With a choice of contemporary and timeless benches, we offer something for all tastes.

You might also need

Complement your garden furniture with a few extra pieces so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Parasols and Parasol Bases

Add some shade and stay protected whilst enjoying the summer sun with a parasol. We offer a choice of parasols, including wind-up and cantilever parasols.
Parasols are not only for large gardens! If you are limited for space, then a wall-mounted or Menos ½ balcony parasols are available. These can be placed against the wall, so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Soft Furnishing

To add a bit of brightness and extra seating, why not add the versatile Menos Pouffes. Pick an option that will complement your colour scheme so you can enjoy the outdoors for longer.

Garden Furniture Storage

You need to consider where the furniture will be kept, when not in use. Although some furniture can be left outdoors all year round, most would last longer if it’s stored out of the elements. Kettler protective covers are tailor-made to provide a snug fit to the furniture. It is advised that during the winter period you bring the cushions indoors or store them in a dry and well-ventilated cushion box.

Garden Furniture Maintenance

If after a while your furniture starts looking a bit dirty, then a damp non-abrasive cloth and soapy water are usually enough to clean most materials, like rattan and metal.
Wood garden furniture requires more specialist care. We recommend, firstly using a hardwood cleaning fluid, then add further protection by applying a wood protector or oil. This will keep your furniture looking its best for the summer ahead.

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