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elba Coffee Table

With the elba coffee table, you have the flexibility to create the perfect sitting space for your garden or patio. You can add the coffee table to an existing elba set to create more room for your beverages or pair it with the elba Low Lounge Collection to create a complete garden furniture set. 

Product code: 0393120-0200
£299 RRP
  • Product Information

    Boasting the same durable quality, which is expected from the Elba range, the coffee table is made with hard-wearing aluminium, which is painted in a stylish anthracite colour. The tabletop is made with FSC® certified Teak wood with an instant grey coating to give it a weathered look. The table is completely weatherproof and rustproof, so it can be kept outdoors throughout the year. 

    The coffee table beautifully compliments the other items in the range including the new Elba Standard Low Lounger. This summer enjoy lounging outdoors in style with a wide choice of Elba accessories to choose from, such as the Double Elba footstool, Elba Lounger, Elba Daybed and Elba LED candles to add the finishing touches. 

  • Features
    • Material: Powder coated aluminium frame and teak wood table top with grey instant coating for a weathered look. 
    • Includes: 1 x Elba Coffee table with a teak wood table top
    • Weatherproof  and rustproof, the coffee table can be left outdoor all year round, without deteriorating.
    • FSC® certified teak wood used, which ensures best practices are followed for forest management.  
    • Durable and long-lasting.
    • Complete your garden furniture set by pairing the coffee with the Elba Low Lounge Collection. 
    • To add the finishing touches to your garden add the Elba relaxer and the Elba LED candles. 

    Spare Parts are available to purchase here. 

  • Need To Know
    20 mins icon Assembly time
    Persons required
    Assembly Instructions

    Kettler Wood 3 Year Warranty logo

    Kettler Wood 3 Year Warranty

    The 3 YEAR warranty applies to domestic use only. If the product is damaged through accidental damage or mis-use, your warranty will be void. Terms & conditions apply. No warranty claims can be accepted without a valid proof of purchase.

    Mix and Match logo

    Mix and Match

    This is part of a mix and match range of garden furniture. Many of our products are versatile. Make your perfect set combination or simply add co-ordinating accessories.

    FSC® Certified Wood logo

    FSC® Certified Wood

    All wood products identified as FSC is made of materials from well-managed, FSC-certified forest and other controlled sources. FSC License code (FSC-C1110124).

  • Care and Maintenance

    Storage Guidelines

    Storage: During Winter/wetter months store in a cool, dry and well ventilated location to prevent excessive shrinkage or expansion of the wood. Alternatively cover the furniture with a Kettler tailored cover or use a universal breathable cover – we do not supply covers for this item.

    Care & Maintenance

    • This product may only be used for its intended purpose for residential premises. Any other uses may affect the warranty.
    • Kettler furniture is designed to be left outdoors all year round (excluding cushions). Cushions should be stored in a dry ambient temperature when not in use. Failure to comply with the outlined care instructions for the cushions will result in the warranty being invalidated.
    • We recommend to maintain and lengthen the life of this product you follow the below regime:

    On wood areas:

    1. Use our Hardwood cleaner.

    First moisten the wood with water.

    Apply the HARDWOOD CLEANER with a soft cloth or sponge. Allow to soak for 3 minutes.

    Brush the furniture clean with a scrubbing pad in the direction of the grain.

    Rinse furniture well with water.

    We recommended that you treat your teak furniture with Hardwood cleaner once a year at the beginning of April.

    2. Use Instant Grey Protector for Elba

    Apply a thin layer of Instant Grey Protector with a soft cloth.

    Allow to dry for 1 hour and then the wood has turned driftwood-grey. (If you wish to have a more intense grey colour, apply a second thin layer).

    We recommended that you treat your teak furniture with Instant Grey Protector once a year at the beginning of April.

    3. Hardwood Shield

    On grey teak: apply carefully by dabbing (rubbing damages the grey patina).

    Make sure the Hardwood is 100% dry and free of dust.

    Apply a thin layer of HARDWOOD SHIELD with a soft cloth. Allow to dry for one hour and then apply a second thin coat of HARDWOOD SHIELD.

    Let the wood dry for 48 hours before exposure to moisture and rain.

    We recommended that you treat your teak furniture with HARDWOOD SHIELD twice a year April & October.

    On aluminium parts:

    We recommend the Kettler Multi-surface cleaner when necessary.

    The Kettler after-care range available is available to purchase from the Kettler website.

    Tree sap and bird droppings should be cleaned off immediately.

    • Moving parts such as locking mechanisms, catches and joints need to be lubricated where necessary.
    • Kettler furniture can be covered – we recommend that you use Kettler tailored covers (where available) or universal breathable covers.
    • This product is 100% recyclable. At the end of the products life, please dispose of responsibly.
    • Colours may vary slightly
  • Dimensions


    Measurements are in cm unless otherwise stated and are approximate. Please allow a variance of up to 10cm.

    Packaging Specifications

    BOX 1

    770mm x 770mm x 350mm