Garden Furniture Materials

Need a more in-depth look at our big 4 garden furniture materials? Our materials buying guide is here to help you make that final, exciting decision when it comes to what furniture to put in your garden.

Start with the style of your garden…

  • Do you have a contemporary or traditional garden?
  • Will the furniture go on a patio, decking area or conservatory?
  • What is the size of your space?
  • Do you need a dining set, lounge set or a mix of the two?


KETTLER Wicker can be for both traditional and contemporary gardens as well as inside a conservatory. You may know it as weave but we call it wicker and our wicker comes in a choice of colours. Our Palma sets from the Casual Dining range, for example, include the colours Oyster or White Wash.

Wicker is woven fibre which goes over an aluminium frame. Synthetic wicker lasts longer with better weatherproof durability for season after season of enjoyment. From flat wicker to D-weave to half round; the choice of different wickers make a difference with a specific look and feel. Round wicker and half round wicker features more robust qualities, however flat wicker feels smoother to touch.

Wicker furniture is often bulky, with large armrests and boxy designs, so make sure you have the space for it. Wicker sets can go outside and inside of both contemporary and traditional locations, with lounge and dining sets available.


Wooden garden furniture goes on a patio, decking area or a graveled area and sits beautifully in a lush green garden due to the organic material. KETTLER uses hard wood for a longer lasting furniture set with natural resistance to the outdoors.

Wood for the garden furniture can look rustic and worn or smooth and shiny. Our garden furniture is adaptable and comes in different shapes and sizes. Garden furniture from the RHS by KETTLER range is great for lying out in the sun or sitting in a quiet corner of the garden.

The wood we use is either teak or acacia. Both woods are dense, tough materials with no warping and a resistance to rotting. A yearly treatment of oil adds to the durability of the furniture and keeps it looking fresh.


Mesh is a classic style for traditional gardens. KETTLER’s metal range has been a popular choice for decades, withstanding season after season. Metal garden furniture is often simple, with clean designs and come with an optional tailored cushion.

Foldable or stackable? Keep an eye out for these clever design features. Both offer a tidy storage option. Foldable designs include smaller sets which sit on a balcony or a small patio. Look to KETTLER’s Classic category for ideas on metal furniture.

Mix and match armchairs and side chairs with mesh tables with parasols to buy as accessories for the perfect mesh garden furniture set.


Textile Sling is lightweight, durable and also comfy with no cushions needed in order to enjoy the chair. Coming in a choice of designs and colours, textile sling is versatile and the chairs match a variety of table tops.

The textile sling dining sets fit on a decking area, patio or can even go indoors while the lounge sets and stand alone lounge chairs tuck into any part of a garden for relaxing, sunbathing or a quiet spot in the shade.

Lounge sets are also available, with standalone sun loungers and multi-position chairs offering luxury seating to lay back and soak up the sun in.


Find information on how to care for your garden furniture materials.