Kettler Cushions & Garden Furniture Covers

A Great British summer always comes with a little bit of rain. Showers are unpredictable and can come anytime. Kettler cushions aren’t waterproof, however, we believe you don’t need waterproof cushions on your garden set in order to beat the rain.

Waterproof cushions vs. Kettler cushions

We are aware that waterproof cushions are on the market and have been for a few years now. Our garden furniture is designed to be left outdoors all year round, however we always recommend taking cushions indoors when not in use.

We believe our cushions are safer and more comfortable not being waterproof. Our cushions include an open cell foam core which maintains its shape for longer. An open cell foam is softer and more breathable than a closed cell foam, however it absorbs water like a sponge.

Waterproof cushions use a particular fabric cover. We are not happy you can recreate the same level of comfort with this material. Also, keeping cushions dry at all times ensures the fire-retardant coating definitely won’t wash off, so they are safer in direct sun light or when accidents occur.

So how do you keep our cushions dry?

Garden Furniture Protective Covers

We offer a range of protective covers for some of our garden furniture. All of our covers are tailor fitted and include ventilation pockets to reduce the build-up of condensation underneath. During the summer months you can leave the cushions on the set, under the cover.

We don’t provide tailor fitted covers for our metal garden furniture. Covering mesh could have a detrimental effect on the special, all-weather coating we put over the metal.

If you have wicker or wooden garden furniture, and are looking for an alternative way to cover your set, we recommend a breathable cover or storing it inside a garage, shed or room in the home. Enjoy year-round use by putting your garden furniture inside a conservatory during the winter months.

Dry Garden Furniture in Seconds

Using a tailored protective cover keeps cushions dry. Once the grey clouds part and the blue skies appear, it takes 30 seconds to lift a protective cover off your furniture. Waterproof cushions rely on the sun to dry them out when wet which could take hours to soak up the rain. That’s hours that could be spent relaxing under the sun.