Wicker Buying Guide

Wicker, weave, synthetic, half round, D-weave – what are you looking for?

Wicker detail of the Cora Sofa from KETTLER's Elegance range.

Superior Quality Wicker Garden Furniture

KETTLER’s wicker garden furniture range is hand-woven by our team of experts using only the finest materials.

The aluminium frame and wicker withstand the elements and are also UV stabilised, allowing you to add a lavish, extravagant feel to any lawn, patio or conservatory all year round.

Wicker comes in different shapes: including whole round, D-weave, flat weave. Each one has a different look with specific garden furniture using a certain style.

Every seating item available in the wicker garden furniture range is supplied with deep cushions tailored to whichever style of furniture you desire so whether you are looking for outdoor furniture for relaxing or dining, you can be sure it will always be in maximum comfort.


If you are looking for the perfect wicker furniture for your classic country garden or your luxury, contemporary pad you are sure to find it with KETTLER. We use only the very best materials and manufacturing methods developed over many years to provide you with a quality product that is second-to-none.

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Hand Woven Wicker

Our wicker comes in 2 main colours:

Kettler White Wash Wicker Swatch

White Wash