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Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is creating an evolution in the BBQ world.

Born out of Australia and developed alongside the 3 Michelin Star celebrity chef, the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range includes both charcoal and gas BBQ’s. Whether you are cooking fish, chicken, vegetables, or a pig on a rotisserie, you can put on the perfect garden party.

When it comes to charcoal it’s all about the flavour. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal charcoal barbeques are packed with features to ensure you master the heat for the most flavoursome dishes. The HUB gives you the full barbequing experience, with a large cooking area and easy charcoal management for optimum heat management.

The FUSION blends all the modern technology without losing the basic, raw charcoal element. Both include the patented Fast Flame Ignition System for hot – ‘ready to cook’ – charcoal in just 10 minutes. The HUB and FUSION both feature Rotiscope Technology, a patented integrated rotisserie system.

Treadmill Buying Guide

Young man exercising on the K2 High incline Treadmill in front of a mountain scenario

Treadmills are very popular pieces of fitness equipment because they are easy to use and versatile – whether you want to use it to train for a marathon, train to keep fit or even to walk when the weather outside is bad. Our Treadmill Buying Guide ensures you get the right fitness equipment for your home.

Balance Bike Buying Guide

Couple enjoying time with their boy on a KETTLER Speedy 10" Balance Bike.

Our Balance Bikes Buying Guide is here to give you peace of mind that you are looking at the right toy for your child. Balance Bikes are great for building children’s confidence, balance and co-ordination before moving onto the real thing.

Cross Trainer Buying Guide

Cross Trainers (also known as elliptical trainers) have proven very popular over the last few years. They offer the same cardio benefits as treadmills but with much lower impact. They are reasonably simple to use and work both the upper and lower body simultaneously. Our Cross Trainer Buying Guide helps you make a decision.

Chairs, Benches & Sofas

LaMode Lounge Set from KETTLER's Elegance range in a conservatory

There are a wide variety of chairs, benches & sofas to choose from. Picking the right one for your outdoor space sets the tone for your garden. Pick from single chairs, a classic bench or sofas to match the comfort of your indoor upholstery.

Table Top Buying Guide

detail of the cora coffee table from KETTLER's Elegance garden furniture range

A garden furniture table to match your set is key to hosting a delicious outdoor meal. With so many materials and styles on offer, here is our guide of KETTLER’s table tops.

Two couples dining on the Cora round back Dining Set from KETTLER's Elegance range in a conservatory

Garden Furniture Materials

Close up of the four garden furniture materials

Need a more in-depth look at our big 4 garden furniture materials? Our materials buying guide is here to help you make that final, exciting decision when it comes to what furniture to put in your garden.

Start with the style of your garden…

  • Do you have a contemporary or traditional garden?
  • Will the furniture go on a patio, decking area or conservatory?
  • What is the size of your space?
  • Do you need a dining set, lounge set or a mix of the two?

Pedal Go-Kart Buying Guide

Young boy riding a Kettler Go-Kart outdoors.

Use our KETTLER Pedal Go-Kart Buying Guide to help you with deciding your child’s birthday or Christmas present with some handy tips. When it comes to pedal Go-Karts there are 3 main areas to consider: Size, Style and Safety.

Dakar Air Go Kart Kettcar being riden by a young boy.

RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley Companion Set with cushions from the RHS by KETTLER garden furniture range on a stoned patio

Designed for relaxing in the outdoors, the RHS Wisley garden furniture includes beautiful organic material to unwind on. Our RHS Wisley seating creates a space to look at your garden in bloom and admire your hard work.

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