Screen-free Learning

While digital devices have become commonplace during family time in most homes, studies show that screen-free activities have a positive impact on children’s development and health in a wide range of areas, including social skills, physical exercise, sleep and academic performance.

Research from Action for Children found that nearly a quarter of parents struggle to get their children to “unplug” and take part in activities away from television, phone and computer screens. When asked which behaviour they found most difficult to control in their children, parents said they struggled to limit technology-based activity (23%) more than getting them to eat healthily (19%), go to bed on time (18%) or do their homework (10%).

Speedy 10″ Racing

Kettler's Speedy 10" Racing Balance Bike on a grey background.

The Speedy 10″ Racing balance bike is ideal for little boys looking to learn how to ride a bike. A balance bike teaches toddlers how to balance and use the handlebars without pedals. The Racing blue design is fun and full of comfy features to make playtime fun.

Speedy 10″ Rocket

Kettler's Speedy 10" Rocket balance bike on a grey background.

Toddlers can practise and grow in confidence riding on the Speedy 10″ Rocket balance bike. The comfy seat pad is designed for comfort while the safety grips are kind to little hands. A balance bike is ideal for keeping kids active and outdoors while they learn how to balance before they pedal.

Speedy 12.5″ Pablo

Kettler's Speedy 12.5"Pablo Balance Bike on a grey background.

The Speedy 12.5″ Pablo balance bike is perfect for children aged 2-5 years. Pablo is a fun, happy horse looking to help children grow confident on a bike. The fun design is scratch resistant while safety grips are comfy for little hands. Keep young ones active and introduce them to the world of cycling.

Spirit Air 12.5″ Princess

Kettler's Spirit Air 12.5" Princess balance bike on a grey background.

The Sprint Air 12.5” Princess balance bike is suitable for ages to 2 to 5 years. The Racing design includes the golden crown on the front mudguard and a pink padding around the handlebars. Your child will be the envy of others in the playground race around with grace.

Speedy 12.5″ Waldi

Kettler's Speedy 12.5" Waldi Bike on a grey background.

The Speedy 12.5″ Waldi balance bike includes a scratch-resistant frame and comfy handlebar grips. Ages 2-5 years can use the balance bike to grow in confidence as they learn to ride a bike. The wheels are durable and smooth running while a handbrake gives your child control while they learn and stay active.

Speedy 10″ Princess

Kettler's Speedy 10" Princess balance bike on a grey background.

The Speedy 10″ Princess balance bike makes learning to ride a bicycle fun. Toddlers can practise balancing on two wheels as well as turning and breaking. The Speedy 10″ is made from a durable steel frame with a scratch-resistant coating. Get little girls outdoors and active on their bright white and pink Speedy 10″ balance bike.

Funtrike Pablo

Kettler's Funtrike Pablo on a grey background.

The Funtrike Pablo trike with parent pole takes kids outdoors. Little girls aged 2 to 5 years can ride around on the quiet-running wheels. The frame includes a scratch resistant coating while safety grips on the handlebars offer a better grip. Kids can spend hours pedalling around the park with a smile on their face.

Funtrike Waldi

Kettler's Funtrike Waldi on a grey background.

Funtrike Waldi is a colourful, fun trike designed to keep young ones playing outdoors. Suitable for ages 2 to 5 years, children can have fun with Waldi. The blue frame is made with round tubing and coated with a scratch-resistant paint. The tipping sand bucket adds to the fun as kids stay active outdoors.

Girl’s Scooter

KETTLER's Girl's Scooter on a grey background.

The Girl’s Scooter is perfect for toddlers from ages 2 to 4 years. Kids can race safely on the wide front wheel and two rear wheels, giving them more stability while they play. The pink scooter makes playtime fun and gets them outdoors, ideal for summer holidays.