Protective Covers – Palma

A Palma Protective Cover is designed to keep your Casual Dining garden furniture looking good throughout the year. The protective covers include a weather resistant coating to hold back rain and UV rays. Vents at the side of the covers help maintain an air flow so the furniture can breathe. Pull cords hold the covers down during windy conditions.

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Protect Palma garden furniture come rain or shine, from Summer to Winter.

Palma Protective Covers are tailor fitted for the best performance and include features to keep your garden furniture protected.

The lightweight fabric can cover or be removed in 30 seconds, perfect for the unpredictable UK weather. Pull cords give the covers a tighter fit to keep them secure while side vents provide air flow. The tailored fitted design is sleek and subtle in your garden.

UV rays, frost, tree sap and bird droppings are kept away from your garden furniture. The covers also protect cushions during the spring and summer months so no need to remove them when not in use. Protect your beautiful Palma wicker furniture for season after season of comfort with Kettler.

Protective Cover for the Palma Sofa Set from KETTLER's Casual Dining garden furniture range on a patio.


Please note: If you choose to wash your protective cover in a washing machine you will have to reproof the PU water repellent coating.

The Palma Protective Covers are tailored to fit:

Palma Corner Set - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993343-PC
RRP: £109.99

Palma Round Set – Protective Covers
Product Code: 0993342-PC
RRP: £149.99

Palma Grande Sofa - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993630-PC
RRP: £129.99

Palma Mini Corner Sofa - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993346-PC
RRP: £99.99

Palma Cube - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993337-PC
RRP: £44.99

Palma Table - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993314-PC
RRP: £49.99

Palma Mini Table - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993331-PC
RRP: £44.99

Palma Fire Pit Table - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993321-PC
RRP: £49.99

Palma 120cm Table - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993320-PC
RRP: £49.99

Palma Grande Table - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993620-PC
RRP: £54.99

Palma Chair - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993312-PC
RRP: £36.99

Palma Grande Chair - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993602-PC
RRP: £36.99

Palma 3 Seater Sofa - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993313-PC
RRP: £69.99

Palma Grande Bench - Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0993611-PC
RRP: £32.99

Cushion Box – Protective Cover:
Product Code: 0996104-PC
RRP: £44.99

Kettler Cushions, Parasols and Protective Covers 12 Month Manufacturing Faults Warranty

Our quality tailored cushions, parasols and protective covers come with a comprehensive 12 MONTH warranty against manufacturing faults. Our cushions and parasols are not designed to be left outdoors and should be stored away when not in use. Terms & conditions apply. No warranty claims can be accepted without a valid proof of purchase. Watch our videos for tips on how to look after your furniture.