Kettler Mesh Furniture Touch-Up Paint in White – 5ml


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KETTLER Mesh Furniture Touch-up Paint in white colour is designed for use with KETTLER mesh garden furniture. 1 single 5ml bottle (maximum of 2 bottles per transaction).

  • 1 single 5ml bottle (maximum of 2 bottles per transaction).
  • If faults are discovered in the coating or arise during transport you can easily repair using KETTLER Mesh furniture touch up paint.
  • Please note that the touch up paint will not prevent rust.
  • We advise testing the colour of the touch-up paint against the furniture on a hidden part of the chair/table.
  • Use within three months of opening.
  • See our video for tips on how to apply.


  • Simply rub down the area with rough sandpaper.
  • Carefully smooth off with fine sandpaper.
  • Wipe over with a clean cloth and touch up using the applicator.
  • A coating of red oxide may be advisable if the coating is chipped down to the bare material.