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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

As early as the 1960s, KETTLER engineers were working on aluminium technology for table tennis tables, aiming to increase durability without altering performance.

Today, KETTLER is still seen as a pioneer in the creation of weather-resistant tables that sacrifice none of the bounce or playability of traditional table tennis tables. All of our outdoor tables are fitted with ALU-TEC technology, which ensures toughness and endurance.

KETTLER outdoor table tennis tables are completely weatherproof, backed up with a ten-year table top and three-year undercarriage warranty. They are all tournament-size, with a playback position for solo ping pong practice.

Also make sure to get a custom KETTLER protective cover, to shield your table tennis table from damp, dust and dirt when not in use .

If you’re interested in taking the game indoors, check out our great range of indoor table tennis tables.

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