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Balance Bike Buying Guide

Couple enjoying time with their boy on a KETTLER Speedy 10" Balance Bike.

Our Balance Bikes Buying Guide is here to give you peace of mind that you are looking at the right toy for your child. Balance Bikes are great for building children’s confidence, balance and co-ordination before moving onto the real thing.

Spirit Air 12.5” Racing

The Sprint Air Racing Balance Bike on a grey background.

Aim for the finish line with the Spirit Air 12.5” Racing Balance Bike. Toddlers can improve their balance and learn how to steer before moving onto a pedal bike. The Spirit Air Glider Bike includes a comfy, padded seat and safety handles. The cool design is perfect for little racers.

Spirit Air Rocket

The Spirit Air Rocket Balance Bike on a grey background.

The Spirit Air Rocket Balance Bike is the perfect toy for toddlers looking to start their bicycle journey. A running board makes gliding easy while the comfy, padded seat is developed by child physiotherapists for maximum comfort. The Spirit Air is designed to build confidence in riding a bike, teaching them how to balance and how to turn.

Sprint Air Princess

The Sprint Air Princess Balance Bike on a grey background.

Teach your child how to cycle with the Sprint Air Princess Balance Bike, a cute learning aid to build confidence in little ones on two wheels. The pink and white colours are great for little girls and the crown at the front of the glider bike is befitting of a princess. Suitable for ages 2+, the padded seat has a height adjustment of up to 43cm.

Speedy 12.5” Pink

The Pink Speedy 12.5 inch Balance Bike from KETTLER's tpy range on a grey background.

The Speedy Pink 12.5” Balance Bike helps toddlers improve their balance before learning to pedal. Children can learn how to glide along on a bike and build their confidence to then move up to a bigger bike. The padded seat feels comfy and is adjustable for the perfect fit for 2 to 5 years.

Speedy 10″

The Speedy 10" Balance Bike from KETTLER's Toy range on a grey background.

The KETTLER Speedy 10″ Balance Bike is the perfect carriage for any new, budding cyclist.