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Heat, flame, and embers the HUB™ will draw your guests as they enjoy the authentic, charcoal barbeque experience. Designed by one of the world’s top chefs Heston Blumenthal the Hub is made to the highest standards with a minimalist Scandinavian inspired design.

4K Outdoor BBQ Cooker

The 4K, is more than just a BBQ, there is nothing you can cook in a domestic kitchen oven that you can’t cook on the 4K. From baking, roasting, grilling, slow cooking to cooking over direct heat, with the 4K you will be finding new ways to cook outdoors for a very long time.


With the CUBE™, you can enjoy authentic charcoal cooking on the go. The portable CUBE™ is designed for impromptu barbeques away from home.


Whether a BBQ beginner or a seasoned pro, you are sure to love the simplicity and style of the FUSION™, which offers the ultimate charcoal BBQ experience.