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Classic Indoor 10

The Classic Indoor 10 table tennis table has the premium features you’d expect from a tournament standard table and is also foldable for easy storage. The 22mm wooden top provides a true, consistent bounce while the sturdy frame offers lasting quality. Thanks to the one-hand locking mechanism and rugged wheels, you can set-up this indoor ping-pong table quickly whenever you want a game of table tennis.

Classic Indoor 4

KETTLER's Classic Indoor 4 Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The Classic Indoor 4 table tennis table has all the features you’d expect from a premium table, but with a lower price. The anti-glare wooden top provides a consistent bounce while the removable edge protector ensures the top doesn’t get damaged during transport. The innovative features of the Classic Indoor 4 help players get maximum enjoyment from games of table tennis with minimal fuss. The one-hand locking mechanism makes it easy to set-up, additional storage for bats and accessories is built into the table and there’s even a unique ping-pong ball box under each half of this table tennis table.

Classic Spin 11

KETTLER's Spin 11 Indoor Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The Classic Spin 11 indoor table tennis table is one of the best on the market. The 22mm blue wooden top and sturdy frame make this a professional standard table.

With two separate halves that lock together easily, the Classic Spin 11 matches incredible performance with impressive practicality. Fold away legs and wheels on each half make the ping-pong table easy to transport and store.

AXOS Indoor 3

The AXOS Indoor 3 Table Tennis table manoeuvres easily thanks to its four guided wheels. Once in position, simply lock two wheels into place and you’re ready to play. The 19mm wooden table tennis table top can easily be folded into the solo playback position or folded in half for storage. When it’s raining outside, you can spend the day indoors going head-to-head with friends and family.

AXOS Indoor 1

KETTLER's AXOS Indoor Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The AXOS Indoor 1 table tennis table allows you to play on an international tournament table tennis table without breaking the bank. Play at home to improve your table tennis skills and become the next champion. This folding table tennis table can be broken down for easy storage when not in use. The top is made from durable, specially coated wood for long lasting fun.

AXOS Outdoor 1

KETTLER's AXOS Outdoor 1 Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The AXOS Outdoor 1 table tennis table features an international tournament size playing surface made from a weatherproof and rustproof aluminium composite. This folding ping pong table is easy to store and transport. Plus, it offers all-weather protection with its durable ALU-TEC+ top which includes layers using long lasting materials. The AXOS Outdoor 1 is an entry level table tennis table, perfect for bringing the family together.

Classic Outdoor 4

KETTLER's Classic Outdoor 4 Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The Classic Outdoor 4 table tennis table features innovative ping-pong bat and ball storage, double off-road wheels, and height adjustment. Challenge friends and family to a game of table tennis and keep the rallies going on the high quality, anti-glare weatherproof table top. This full size table tennis table can be left outside year round and will make your garden the place to be.

Classic Outdoor 10

KETTLER's Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis table is Kettler’s premium outdoor table tennis table with a distinctive look and a host of high quality features. The weatherproof 22mm ALU-TEC+ composite top and off-road wheels keep the table tennis table lasting longer while outdoors. A ball box on each table half is easy to reach, so when the rally stops, grab the next ball and serve in seconds.

AXOS Outdoor 3

KETTLER's AXOS Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table on a grey background.

The AXOS Outdoor 3 table tennis table includes a weatherproof surface for long lasting performance to keep the rallies going outdoors. The net can be fitted quickly and easily with an automatic clamping device. Kettler Axos also features bat and ball holders, making it easy to grab essential equipment while the top can be folded up into playback position for solo practice sessions.