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Paros Dining

6 Seat Paros Dining Set on a patio.

Paros Dining takes a classic look and makes it modern. The iron grey, minimal design is traditional while the kick out legs and hand painted, wood effect arms bring the Paros garden furniture up to date. Sit outdoors in the sun and enjoy an alfresco meal with seat pads keeping you comfy. With dining sets for 6 and 8 available, you can host the perfect summer meal.

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Paros Lounge Set

Sit four in the garden on the Paros Lounge, a high quality outdoor set with a double sofa and two armchairs. Range description / features (including bullet points): (minimum 150 words): The Paros slat top coffee table includes a minimal design and is made from durable aluminium. The weatherproof sets can stay outdoors all year round (except cushions). Hand painted, wood effect detail on the arms provide added style to turn heads, perfect for drawing guests to your garden furniture. Non-slip cushions make resting easy as you unwind outdoors. The scoop-back design gives the chairs a modern, sleek look. Sit in the shade or on a decking area of your garden and spend time with friends or family. Features: • Set includes: two scoop-back Paros Lounge Chairs, Paros Double Sofa and a Slat Coffee Table. • Material: Aluminium with hand painted, wood effect arms. • 5cm foam core seat cushions. • Weatherproof aluminium - you can leave outdoors all year round (except cushions). • Non-slip charcoal cushions. • Stain resistant cushions with shower resistance – we advise taking cushions indoors when not in use. • Seats 4. • Paros Dining sets also available.

The Paros Lounge includes two armchairs and a double sofa as well as a slat coffee table for your garden. Thick back and seat cushions provide maximum comfort while you sit back and enjoy the warm weather. The wood effect arms are hand painted and lift the set with added style. The weatherproof aluminium is lightweight and long lasting.

Paros 8 Seat Dining Set

The Paros 8 Seat Dining Set on a grey background.

The Paros 8 Seat Dining Set includes a 210x90cm slat top table and 8 Paros chairs to host a dinner party in your garden. Set up the outdoor dining set on a patio or decking area and serve a delicious meal outdoors. The weatherproof aluminium is durable and long lasting. Wood effect arms give the set a unique look to draw people in.

Paros 6 Seat Dining

The Paros 6 Seat Dining Set on a grey background.

The Paros 6 Seat Dining Set is made from weatherproof aluminium and includes the slat top 160x90cm table. Sit outdoors, under the sun and dine with the ones you love on comfy, non-slip seat pads. The scoop backed chairs are designed to help you relax and have a look of luxury. This premium, metal, outdoor dining set features the wood effect arms and stylish kick out legs.