Take your style outside

Why should style be exclusive to interiors? We put so much care and attention into decorating our homes to get just the right mix of fashion and function, there’s no reason this shouldn’t extend to our outdoor spaces too.

Your back garden can be a great place to get creative with interior – or exterior – design. There are so many great outdoor looks to choose from that it’s easy to make the back garden an elegant and useful part of your living space.

Need some inspiration? Here are our top tips to making your back garden the most stylish area of your house.

1. Define your look

To make your back garden a true extension of your living space, it should reflect your personality and individual style. That’s not to say they have to be mirror images of one another, but carrying through a theme or atmosphere can ensure they function cohesively.

English cottage kitchen with comfy armchair and wooden furnitureIf you’ve styled your home to look like a traditional English cottage, you can create your garden space to complement this style. You may want to include quaint furniture with a weathered look like you would find in a traditional English garden.

2. Focus

Decorating outdoors can be exciting as there is often a lot of opportunities. Pick one unique or large element and design the entire space around it – you can opt for natural elements, or buy a centrepiece for your garden. Decide on a focal point and go with it. It can be anything from a accessorised bench to a beautiful table, a fire pit, or maybe even a water feature.

The important thing to remember is to make sure it works for the style you’ve chosen and the space you’re in. Be as bold or as subtle as you want, but a focal point will provide you with a great foundation on which to base your other design elements.

3. Natural features

The beauty of the back garden is that there are already great features you can utilise. Whether your style is modern, rustic, or something in-between, the trick is to make the natural features of your garden work for you, and not take away from the atmosphere you’re cultivating.

Seven colourful, lit lanterns hanging in garden tree

Do you have a nicely groomed shrub you’d like to show off, but don’t know how? Drape it with fairy lights and transform it into a standout feature. And how about those old trees that need to get some attention? DIY some paper lanterns and make them part of a whimsical backdrop.

Tree stumps and logs can be especially handy as you can use them as seating, tables, decor, and much more. Get creative.

4. Make it useful

Garden patio decked out with sofa, colourful cushions and floral materialsA stylish garden is great, but it’s even better if it’s practical too. Especially if you want to host a killer garden or cocktail party. If you’re going to make your garden into an outdoor dining and entertaining area, think outside the box.

Benches can be an excellent alternative to chairs if you’re looking for a less formal vibe. Nothing is stopping you using bold cushions as alternative seating options. And don’t forget to think about the functionality of the setting. You’ll be going back and forth to the kitchen, so try to make sure you have easy access.

To turn your garden into a relaxing oasis, look at stylish and functional furniture. It doesn’t take a lot to make a space comfortable; large pillows, for example, are a great addition to any piece. If you keep the function of your garden in mind, you’ll be surprised by how much more use you get out of it.

5. All year round

Turn your garden into a year-round sanctuary by making sure you keep it warm and well lit. Outdoor heaters are more than just a practical investment; they can be a great aesthetic addition as well – with lots of stylish options to consider, in addition to the traditional fire pit. Tall heaters, chimineas, and all types of fire pits can make great centrepieces while keeping you warm.

Outdoor lighting options are also better than ever, and there is something for every budget and style. For the environmentally minded, solar lights are a great choice. With even just a small amount of charge, they can light up any outdoor space.

Back gardens are often untapped treasures that can be moulded to fit our wishes and needs. All it takes is a little bit of planning and imagination to turn your outdoor space into a haven, as well as a useful extension of your home.