Toddler Balance Bikes are Perfect for Beginner Cyclists

Make many happy memories with a toddler balance bike. Balance bikes help little ones develop the required motions for cycling like balancing, steering, and braking. Plus, as balance bikes don’t have pedals, toddlers are more focused on their balance and can firmly plant their feet if they feel unsteady so they’re less likely to topple over.

Balance Bike Ages

With a KETTLER balance bike, you can promote a love for cycling from an early age. We stock various size balance bikes, from 10” to 12”, and all bikes include an adjustable seat. Simply remember to adjust the seat as your child grows to ensure the right bike fit. Once they’ve gained the required skills and confidence (usually around the age of 4), they’ll be ready to graduate to a big-kid pedal bike.

The Fun Never Stops on a KETTLER Balance Bikes

Our balance bikes are designed to last for years to come. The steel frames have a scratch-resistant coating so they’ll always look in top condition while the padded adjustable seats make cycling comfortable. Balance bikes also feature no-maintenance required wheels, safety grips for little hands to hold onto, and of course easy-to-use swift brakes.

You can also choose from a range of styles and colours. We sell dashing pink balance bikes with decorative crowns for a sophisticated look, the stylish black and orange Speedy Rocket, as well as red and yellow and all-blue balance bikes. The style options are endless, with something to suit the taste of all boys and girls.