Make Transport Fun with a Toddler’s Scooter

If your little one complains about being tired when they have to walk long distances, a scooter may be the ideal solution. Not only do they make transport fun, but toy scooters also help little ones to develop their balance, coordination, endurance, and overall strength. Plus, scooters can also help children learn basic street safety and boost their independence. With so many benefits, what’s not to love?

Pick Your Style: Girls & Boys Scooters

With their wide 3 wheel design, KETTLER kids scooters are perfect for little girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 4. Little girls will look fashionable on a cute scooter featuring hot pink wheels and handlebars while little boys can practice their racing skills on a bright red scooter. Both scooters have a scratch-resistant coating so they’ll always remain in top condition.

Endless Entertainment with a Kids Scooter

Create many happy memories with KETTLER kids scooters. Like all our toys, they’ve been designed last for many seasons to come. Their adjustable, safety handlebars can be adapted to fit your child’s height – regardless of how quickly they grow – while the non-slip platform and wide front and dual back wheels provide safety and stability at all times.

** All KETTLER kids scooters are protected by a 3-year warranty **