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For The Best of Times ….

KETTLER is renowned for its quality ranges of garden furniture, fitness equipment, table tennis tables and wheeled toys.

High quality standards, technical innovation and refreshing design are the hallmarks of every KETTLER product.

From traditionally hand-woven, weatherproof wicker to stylish and reliable metal, you are sure to find the perfect set of furniture for your garden or conservatory.

We are proud of our wicker garden furniture range and each individual product is hand-woven by our team of experts. We only use the finest materials to give you the most luxurious garden furniture experience.

If keeping fit is important to you, we offer everything from exercise bikes to treadmills and cross trainers.

Or, if you enjoy a bit of competitive family fun, have a look at our bestselling range of table tennis tables.

And our KETTLER go-karts, famously known as KETTCARS, have given hours of pleasure to generations of children and the adults watching over them. It’s a love that’s passed down from generation to generation.

Furniture for outside… and inside

You’ll find our furniture in the best garden centres around the UK, as well as top department stores, such as John Lewis. Our latest and most popular Palma and Madrid Casual Dining sets combine relaxing and dining in one beautiful set of furniture, perfect for any occasion. They are the epitome of luxurious garden furniture.

Weatherproof Wicker Furniture

Our weatherproof wicker furniture has been handcrafted and designed to suit a wide variety of tastes, with many styles and colours on offer. From the retro-styled LaMode to the continental Bretagne, we have a range just for you.

For the perfect finishing touches, our delightful accessories, including loungers, cushion boxes and tailored covers, will complete the look. Check out our POD, a design piece that will give your garden the wow factor and get the neighbours talking.

BBQ’s – Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is more than just a range of barbeques. Designed together with Heston Blumenthal, renowned Michelin Star chef, the collection combines the latest technology with ease of use and, of course, Heston’s unique take on cooking.

Attention to detail is key, so when you feast your eyes on the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal BBQ’s it is the finer features that will make your cooking experience more creative and inspired. Whether it’s charcoal or gas, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal caters to all tastes. And it’s all about great tasting food. Invite friends over for the ultimate BBQ and they will be in awe of your cooking and the design of your barbeque. Whether home or away, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal will help unleash your creativity and bring out the best of BBQ cooking.

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Fitness Equipment

German engineering is what allows our award-winning fitness equipment to stand out. It’s precision made to ensure you get the most from your fitness routine. Discover the ideal product for you, whether it’s a simple exercise bike or a top-end cross trainer from our S FIT range.

Our popular, high performance treadmills come in a variety of styles, from standard to high incline, providing you with the potential to reach your goals. Ideal for cardio fitness and toning muscles, pick from a wide range of in-home gym exercise equipment.


Ever since the first Kettcar rolled off the production line in 1962, this pedal car has become the best friend of generations of children. KETTLER designs, develops and manufactures Kettcars in Germany – your assurance of quality and high standards. After all, 15 million children can’t be wrong.

Speed through racecourses and win the race, burning rubber on our awesome Go-Karts. Fun for boys and girls, KETTLER toys come in bright colours and fun designs with hours of excitement. From Barcelona to Daytona, and beyond, there are no limits on our KETTLER toys.

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