Indoor Table Tennis Buying Guide

Buying an indoor table tennis table requires you to ask some serious questions. Mainly, do I have enough space? Making sure you are prepared is important before any purchase. Here are our tips on buying an indoor table tennis table.

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How Much Space Do I Need for an Indoor Table Tennis Table?

A full, competition size table tennis table is 152.5x274cm. However, it doesn’t end there. You will need room for roughly 4 steps back (2 metres) and 2 steps either side of the table (1 metre).

If you don’t give yourself enough room you could either run into walls, hit the table with your bat or knock a vase off a shelf.

Which Room Should I Put the Table Tennis Table In?

Choose a room with a constant temperature to put your table tennis table in. An unheated garage or outhouse is not ideal conditions as the wood will deteriorate quicker.

Wooden or laminate flooring is ideal as it’s the most durable material. Also, a foldable table tennis table will move easier on these surfaces when you tidy it away. Carpet will become worn over time and a thick carpet may make the table wobble slightly during play. Beware of rugs and slippery tiles!

The height of your ceiling should not be a concern when playing. Most folding tables don’t reach two meters in height.

If you are concerned about the size of the table, always check the dimensions of an indoor table tennis table.

Should I get an Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. Outdoor table tops are designed to stay outdoors all year round. Indoor table tennis tables must be kept inside all year round.

An indoor table tennis table uses a wooden table top which could become worn when put in an unheated room. A table tennis table for outside uses a wood and metal weatherproof table top.

Ping pong balls bounce high and go faster on an Indoor table tennis table. The wood/metal mix of an outdoor table absorbs the energy of ball more, slowing the game down. If you are playing for fun you are less likely to notice this, however serious table tennis competitors would see the difference.

How Much are Indoor Table Tennis Tables?

The cost of a table tennis table relates to the thickness of the table top. The cheapest table tops are 12mm thick and should be avoided as the ball bounce will be poor.

A 19mm table top is a good, affordable pick with a good ball bounce. 22-25mm table tops are by far the best, with the best bounce. These are competition standard thicknesses for the best rallies.

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