10 Table Tennis Tips for Beginners

young girl playing table tennis outdoors

Looking to finally beat Dad at a game of Table Tennis? Or do you need some extra tips as the kids are getting worryingly better?

Well, here’s a quick top 10 tips to improve your table tennis skills.

1. Warm up

Table Tennis is surprisingly hard-work, make sure you stretch if you’re looking to go toe-to-toe with the children – no one wants to forfeit due to injury.

2. Learn how to serve (and different ones)

Your serve can put you at a great advantage, if you practise enough to perfect your serve you can put your opponent on the backfoot from the get-go. It’s also important to not be too predictable, make sure you switch up your serve from time to time to keep your opponent guessing.

3. Practise your strokes

Table Tennis can sometimes be a game of patience, if you stay in the game long enough your chances will improve. Practise your forehand and backhand strokes so ensure your comfortable with whatever balls come flying your way.

4. Don’t go for the ‘Hail Mary’

It’s good to be on the offensive, but the temptation to go for the killer move is a constant temptation. Stay in the game and pick your moment wisely.

5 .Practise on your own

The Kettler table tennis tables fold up on one side, allowing you to get some time on your own to practise your moves.

6. It’s all in the feet

Footwork is everything, be mindful of being on your toes ready to position yourself for whatever comes your way.

7. Deceive your opponent

Like any sport if you’re predictable you become easier to play against. Being unpredictable is hard, but if you practise different strokes you have a better chance of deceiving your opponent.

8. Try and read their game

As you try to deceive your opponent you can also try to anticipate their game and find weaknesses. Whether it’s your 8-year-old son, or wife, everyone’s got a weakness, and theirs no shame in exploiting it to win your bragging rights.

9. Practise your spin

Master the movement of the ball, putting spin in your serve can really add a new dimension to your game… it also looks really cool!

10. Practise, Practise, Practise

Like any sport, improvement comes with practise and fortunately here at Kettler, we provide a range of high-quality indoor table tennis tables and outdoor table tennis tables so you can practise all year round. Follow these 10 steps and you’ll turn into a formidable opponent and to secure bragging rights in the family.