3 Ideas For Warming Your Garden to Relax Outside This Winter

Close up of flames on a fire pit table in the garden

Outdoor heating is an essential part of keeping a winter garden. With occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and even Burns night, there are plenty of reasons to spend time catching up with loved ones and reminiscing about the year and its many highlights and dramas. After all, in the winter, people are less likely to want to go out and would rather use their own backyard to take their minds off everyday stresses. The only issue is, when it’s cold and dark at night in the winter months, how do you keep warm and relaxed to enjoy these moments?

While there are many solutions to warming your garden in the winter, some are not ideal. As much as wearing a jumper and coat is the easiest and most efficient option, it’s hardly the cosiest – you can’t exactly chill out on the garden lounger in an anorak! There is a range of outdoor heating options that allow you to rest comfortably on your garden furniture without having to wrap up, and this article will take you through three of the best options.

Additionally, many outdoor heating installations are designed to be fixed onto a wall or ceiling, which can make assembly awkward. At Kettler, we supply panalsols and parasols that provide cover from the elements and a suitable fixing to attach mounted heaters from.

What do you look for in a good outdoor heating idea for the garden? Of course, the top priority is the ability to keep you warm. But another important aspect is the energy efficiency of a heater, as you won’t want to spend much time outside if the heater costs a fortune to run when the energy bills come in. Other considerations such as spatial efficiency, safety, weather resistance and aesthetics, are equally important too and all of these will be considered in our three ideas to keep you warm in your winter garden.

Wood Burner: The Classic Choice

The wood burner is a rustic gem that brings warmth and charm to any gathering. Ideal for those big backyard get-togethers with many guests, wood burners are a natural choice. They operate by burning wood logs or pellets, radiating heat over large areas, and their portability is enhanced by their lack of dependence on pesky power chords.

However, it’s important to acknowledge their environmental impact. Wood burners emit particulate matter and other pollutants that can contribute to air quality issues. The process of burning wood also releases carbon dioxide, though the impact can be mitigated by using sustainably sourced wood. Their setup is relatively simpler than gas heaters, often requiring just a sturdy, safe place to stand and proper ventilation. While they may not be the most eco-friendly option, they make up for it in sheer warmth and versatility. Plus, they’ve got a certain charm, don’t they?

Electric Heater: The Environmentally-Friendly Option

Electric garden heater next to Kettler garden furniture

If you’re looking to stay warm without the guilt of a heavy carbon footprint, electric heaters might be perfect for you. These heaters are like targeted warmth snipers, sending heat directly to you instead of aimlessly warming the air. That amounts to an incredible amount of energy efficiency that anyone would gladly welcome. They’re safe, with no open flames to worry about, and they’re instant comfort givers.

Kettler’s outdoor heating range is stacked with high-quality heaters for the patio that look as brilliantly as they function. Take our lantern heater a handle-equipped model that you can move around easily, and though it sits at knee height, you’ll feel its thermal energy even at head height as the powerful 1200W heat rises. Overhead heaters are even more targeted, and our hanging pendant and floor-standing lamp designs can be activated by remote, so you don’t have to get up to change settings. Kettler’s range of electric heaters offers an efficient, safe, and convenient solution to outdoor heating, ensuring you stay comfortably warm while also being kind to the environment.

Fire Pits: The Stylish Table

Firepit table glowing next to garden furniture at night time

For those who love a bit of drama and elegance, fire pits are where it’s at. Picture it: a group of friends, laughter echoing, hands wrapped around warm mugs, all circled around a mesmerising fire pit. It’s the stuff of winter fairytales.

Our fire pit tables take this experience up a notch. Powered by a gas bottle, these beauties offer the warmth and ambience of a natural fire without the hassle of uneven heating. Plus, the natural fire of a fire pit means that it uses far less propane or butane gas than a gas heater, which relies solely on gas for heat. The glass windguard adds a touch of sophistication, making it a centrepiece that’s both enchanting and practical. It’s not just a heater; it’s a garden statement piece.

So, which one will be your winter garden hero? Whether you’re a fan of the classic gas heater, the eco-friendly electric option, or the stylish fire pit, there’s a cosy solution waiting to transform your garden into a winter wonderland. Let’s embrace the cold season with warmth and style.