5 Fun Easter Garden Activities for All the Family

children in easter egg hunt in the garden

Spring has just about sprung and, with Easter just under a month away, now’s the time to start putting plans in place for activities.

Around this time, temperatures will start to slowly increase, meaning a return to form with our gardens is getting closer every day.

Why not marry the two with some engaging Easter activities for friends and family both young and old?

Learn how to plan outdoor games and create some DIY decorations as we run through some of our favourite Easter garden party ideas.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter eggs in the grass in the garden

There’s nothing quite like a classic Easter egg hunt. Whether it’s organised by your local community, or if you’re planning a private hunt around the house, discovering tasty chocolate will never get old.

While some households will typically hold their Easter egg hunts indoors, there’s a whole world of possibility just beyond your back door. Obscured shrubs, tiny nooks, and crannies covered by crawling wall plants, why not hold an Easter egg hunt in the garden this year?

If you do, just be sure to cover the eggs you use in a reasonable way. While it can be fun to discover foil-wrapped chocolate next to some compost, there’s no telling what bugs may be crawling around in there.

Placing your eggs in Tupperware tubs may feel like overkill. So, we find that the best way to hide Easter eggs in your garden, without detracting from the fun, is to use a plastic, cellophane wrap, like what you’d use for your sandwiches or leftovers.

Easter Egg Race

Often, homeowners will look to their sloped gardens with at least some level of anguish. After all, sloped gardens can be much more difficult to design, so it’s no wonder why we get so frustrated with them. However, around Easter time, a sloped garden presents an opportunity like no other: egg racing.

Much different to your typical egg and spoon race, an Easter egg race can be planned with barely any additional equipment. Thanks to gravity, there’s not even any special contraption used to propel the eggs down the slope. Simply just establish a start and finish line, on your marks, and away you go.

It’s up to you whether your use a real hard-boiled egg, or the chocolate kind.

Egg Hunt Clues

Child holding a piece of paper with clues to the easter egg hunt

While egg hunts are fun, you can build the suspense even further with some hidden clues. Bring the fun into teatime with some clues hidden amongst your food. Cue cards under plates, hidden labels on the sides of glasses, and clues taped underneath your garden furniture can all be used to guide your guests in the right (or wrong) direction.

Easter-Themed Foods

There are many types of foods that are normally consumed around the Easter period. Hot cross buns, cakes decorated with chocolate eggs, and hard-boiled eggs themselves are tea-time staples, and should absolutely form a part of your garden party cuisine.

Whether you make them your main course or served after for a tasty treat, make sure you bring an Easter spin to your choice of delicacies.

You could even take this one step further by bringing the whole cooking procedure outdoors. Get everyone involved with the preparation from kneading the dough to preparing ingredients, before placing everything to cook in a luxurious outdoor kitchen. Our Outdoor Kitchens works wonders for this – they are large enough to prepare a classic lamb dinner; a quintessential Easter meal.

DIY Easter Gifts

No garden party is complete without a parting gift. Rather than buying something mass-produced to give to your guests, why not get more involved with some DIY presents?

For example, old planters make for a great makeshift egg basket. Inside, you could offer up a mixture of tasty chocolates, as well as some homegrown flowers and plants for your guests to enjoy. The natural charm of your garden in combination with the tasty chocolate is sure to go down a treat.

This also serves up the opportunity to begin a tradition. Ask your guests to plant the flowers you give and entice them to bring them back with them the following year. Not only does this give you a sustainable way of making decorations, but it provides a sense of belonging and connection to those you love.

Need Some Outdoor Inspiration?

With these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to planning an unforgettable Easter garden party for the whole family. Remember, the weather may still be a little questionable, so you might want to invest in some outdoor heating to keep the party going.

If you’re looking for more innovative design ideas for your garden, KETTLER can help. Explore our outdoor inspiration articles today and start transforming your garden into a relaxing haven.