A garden full of memories

Birds view of a dog standing in front of a red bucket with colourful water ballons.

Some of our most treasured moments often take place in the garden. Whatever your age, outdoor spaces are perfect for having fun and relaxing in, so it’s no surprise that they leave a lasting impression.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite nostalgic garden moments for you to reminisce about. Who knows, you might even fancy reliving them this summer!

Young boy in a striped sweater holding his eyes closed for a game of hide and seek.

Fun and games in the sun

There was a time when a tap on the shoulder and a shout of ‘Tag!’ was all it took to get everyone excited. The thrill of being chased by your friends through freshly-cut grass was a memory that lasted for years to come.

Once you were exhausted from all the running, you’d play a game of hide-and-seek to give yourselves a breather. Whether it was in the bushes, behind the bench or squeezed into an impossibly small space; the garden was full of great hiding spots – even if you had to risk scratches and stained clothes to be out of sight. And you never, ever forget your favourite hiding place.

Two children playing football in a field.

The family kick-about

The second a ball was out, things usually got competitive. Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or some strange mix of the lot; the rules didn’t matter but the scores certainly did. Even your grandparents produced unbelievable shots when it came down to the wire.

While you might not remember who won, the warm memories of playing your favourite games with your favourite people never leave you.

Blonde girl holding a bundle of cherries.

Hand-picked fruit

When you think of the garden, you probably picture it on a bright, sunny day. The flowers are in full bloom and you can almost taste the fresh fruit, homegrown veg and herbs picked from the patch by the fence.

The sweetness of the strawberries you helped your grandparents cultivate contrasted with the tartness of the gooseberries from the overgrown bush out back. Eaten on their own or dipped in sugar and cream, the flavour still takes you back to those childhood days if you close your eyes.

Young by playing in a rubber pool.

Splashing around

On a hot summer’s day, nothing could beat an inflatable pool filled with cool water from the garden hose. Despite the water rarely coming past your knees, this always provided endless fun.

Whether you were splashing around, playing games or filling your water gun with liquid ammo for an assault on unsuspecting victims, it didn’t matter if everyone ended up soaking wet when you could lie back and dry off in the sun.

Blonde girl reading in a wooden treehouse.

Clambering about

You were the king of the castle. High above everyone else, at the top of your climbing frame, you could survey the garden then make a quick escape from any invading parents via the slide. Or, with a single push of the swing, you’d soar through the air – higher and higher, before jumping off at the highest point.

Then there were the trees you climbed hundreds of times, and the wall that you just had to scale for a peek into the neighbours’ garden. It didn’t matter whether your garden was big or small – it was the experience of being outdoors with family and friends that made it special.

Burger, sausages and kebabs sizzling on a barbecue.

Get the barbie on

With the sun out, the smell of charcoal in the air and everyone over; what’s better for making perfect memories than the humble barbecue? Rustling up the burgers, sausages and kebab skewers was Dad’s time to shine, but the food didn’t need to be fancy as you lay back in the sun.

You’ll never forget those long summer days, when the sun never seemed to set and the party continued late into the evenings. Even when the weather took a turn for the worse; it could never spoil the fun. The fun and games aren’t just for the summer either, there are plenty of exciting projects that children and adults can enjoy together throughout the year and to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of outdoor living.