Basic Gardening Tips for the Easter Weekend

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The long Easter weekend is the best time to get into your garden. There is no better time to roll up your sleeves and make your outdoor space beautiful.

Here are some gardening tips to improve your outdoor space this Easter break.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the grass becomes a weekly job at the end of spring and if you haven’t already, the Easter weekend is the perfect time to start. Cut the grass to an inch and trim the edges with a half-moon tool.

Repair lawns and re-seed bare patches in March or April. Using fertilizer gives grass that lush green appearance. Spike the lawn for drainage and to let the roots breathe.

Wooden basket containing fresh vegetables.

Plant Vegetables and Sow Seeds

Carrots, cauliflower, peas, and potatoes should be on your list of vegetables to plant in April. Sow tomatoes from seed and prepare for the incoming rhubarb stems. Plant summer-flowering bulbs in pots and borders (3 times their depth), throwing away any bulbs from the winter that have rotted.

Introduce kids to the fun world of gardening, taking your children or grandchildren to your local garden centre to buy some seed packets. Show children how to sprinkle the seeds onto well-drained soil in sunny spots in beds and borders. Then rake the seeds into the surface.

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Spring Clean Your Garden Furniture

Take the protective covers off your garden furniture and dust away any leaves or dirt. Wash your garden furniture with warm soapy water and a sponge. Check your cushions, which should be stored indoors over the wet and winter months, so they are ready for the warm weather.

Check your BBQ, cleaning away any old charcoal or grease that may have been missed in the Autumn BBQ clean. Don’t forget to clean the outside of the BBQ too. People respect a good-looking Barbie.

Snail on a stone or wall.

The Garden Dirty Work

Yes, unfortunately, you may need to get your hands dirty this Easter bank holiday. April is the time when weeds begin to show – remove all unwanted weeds by hand or with a hoe. Smother weeds with mulch or use groundcover fabrics to suppress re-growth and be sure to read the labels If you’re using chemical weed killer.

Slugs and snails arrive in the garden with the April showers and warmer temperatures. Use liquid slug killer or wood ash around your plants. Alternatively, if you own chickens, let them protect your garden.

The Easter weekend is a time for relaxing and enjoying a family barbecue or hosting a garden party. However, these quick and simple gardening tips will have your garden looking great in no time. For more gardening tips for April, take a look at the RHS advice pages.

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