Benefits of Playing Table Tennis!

family playing table tennis outdoors

If high-intensity fitness exercises are not your thing then maybe it’s time to give table tennis a go. Also known as ping pong, the game is played in more than 200 countries worldwide and is growing in popularity in the UK. The reduced movement required makes table tennis an ideal recreational sport for all ages and abilities.

teenagers playing table tennis in garden

Below are just some of the benefits to playing a game of table tennis:

  1. Improves hand-eye coordination – Playing table tennis helps stimulate mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. It is the perfect game for both young and old to sharpen reflexes.
  2. Develops mental acuteness – A key element of table tennis is the speed, spin and placement of the ball. Research has found that regular players of table tennis are highly skilled in both creating and solving puzzles.
  3. Improves reflexes – Due to the fast-paced, short-distance nature of table tennis, it helps improve muscle movements.
  4. Great for the joints – Unlike some physical exercises, table tennis does not put too much pressure on your joints and can, in fact, improve leg, arm and core strength. It doesn’t matter what fitness form you are in; a game of table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you’ve had a knee surgery.
  5. Good for weight loss – Even a 10-minute game of table tennis can do wonders for your fitness. A 150-pound person in weight can burn around 272 calories by playing table tennis for one hour. Considering how addictive the game is, you will be playing it for hours.
  6. Sociable – Table tennis can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age, physical ability or gender, therefore, helps improve communication and build relations. Buying a table tennis table for your home will allow siblings and parents to spend more quality time together whilst playing.
  7. Improves Balance – Staying balanced and being able to quickly change directions are key to being successful in a ping pong rally. With regular play, it will help improve balance.
  8. It’s Fun – Give it a go and we can guarantee you will share hours of joy and laughter.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder that table tennis has been dubbed “the world’s best brain sports” by America’s best-known psychiatrist, Dr Daniel Amen.

Fun Facts
  • Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988.
  • In professional table-tennis volleys, the ball can reach speeds as high as 90mph.
  • Table tennis is the national sport of China.
  • Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world. It is estimated that 300 million people, worldwide play ping pong.

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young couple playing table tennis indoors