Cooking and Entertaining with Fire Pit Tables

friends enjoying an evening around a kettler firepit table

In the heart of every garden, there lies a potential for creating unforgettable memories, and nothing sets the mood quite like a central focal point that draws people together. There’s nothing like gathering around a fire that can set the scene for special family moments, deep conversation in friendly catch-ups or a moment of tranquillity amidst the chaos that home life can throw at you.

Kettler’s fire pits offer a unique twist – providing heat and serving as a mesmerising visual centrepiece that transforms your garden into a little slice of heaven. This blog explores the multifaceted world of cooking and entertaining with fire pit tables, from the basics of lighting a Kettler fire pit and using it as an outdoor barbecue to creating themed fire pit parties and accessorising your fire pit table. Through stories from our customers, we’ll delve into how these fire pits become the right mood-setter in your garden and can make all the difference in crafting lasting memories.

How to Light a Kettler Fire Pit

With our fire pits, you don’t need to worry about kindling, firewood or maintaining a fire when it starts to wane. It’s all powered through a gas bottle,

To light a Kettler fire pit, first remove the protective cover and ensure your floor or decking is safe and stable. Then, press the control button fully until you hear a slight ticking sound, and hold the control knob pushed in as you open the gas supply. Turn the control knob to the right for the gas supply, and within 15 seconds, your fire spit should ignite in all its glory.

For more detailed instructions on how to attach the gas holder to the fire pit, consult your model’s instruction manual which can be found on the product page.

Themed Fire Pit Parties

palma low lounge corner set in oyster with a firepit table alight.

There are countless special occasions throughout the year that offer the perfect opportunity to gather around the warmth of a fire pit. Because of its unique ability to keep the fire going protected by a glass cage, you can have a fire pit party at virtually any time of the year. Hold a summer barbecue bash with all the fixings, and have the fire pit as a section for the adults to mingle with cocktails while the kids play in the garden. Or, how about a winter warmer party with some hot chocolate or mulled wine which would go down immaculately? This winter party requires a lot less food to prepare compared to a barbecue, but don’t forget to have blankets at the ready!

With this in mind, food is one of the best ways to get people around, so what about a wine or cheese-tasting party for a night of indulgence and quality catch-up? Plus, this can be a lowkey event with little clean-up afterwards and if there are any leftovers, the rest of your week will be all the sweeter.

Imagine Fridays spent taking the pressure of the week off your shoulders with an ice bucket of champagne sitting beside the fire, nestled in the clutches of your lounge set. Or spending long summer evenings sitting under a canopy enjoying that rare hit of perfect weather, feeling like you’re on holiday in your very back garden. A fire pit table is for those extra special impromptu moments.

Finally, for those with a significant other, a Valentine’s Day night where a fire pit can be kindling for romance. Best of all, all it requires is a few of your favourite indulgences. It’s almost a storybook setting for some much-needed time together.

Accessorising Your Fire Pit Table

As well as the special occasions that can be centred around its mood-setting blaze, another benefit of fire pit tables is how you can enhance the experience with accessories for your garden space.

Extra seating makes space for even larger gatherings and allows more of your friends and family to enjoy your gorgeous fire pit. Our corner sofa sets are designed to circle around the table neatly and can allow you to match its design and make your space more cohesive and harmonious. Or, if you need to expand by one or two seats, our benches and stools are ideal for extra guests or the little ones.

Why not have a stylish shield from the sun with a parasol? Many of our parasol models include LED lights to have more mood lighting at night, and a secluded wireless speaker so you can soundtrack get-togethers with your favourite playlist. However, it is important that you do not place the parasol over an open flame. Make sure that the fire pit table is turned off before dismantling or closing your parasol.

Finally, no one wants to have their gas bottle take away the beauty of your garden, which is why the convenience of a gas bottle storage space cannot be understated. This clever solution is perfect for keeping the gas bottle for your fire pit out of sight when in use, allowing you to enjoy the ambience of your fire pit without any unsightly distractions.

Create Memories with a Kettler Fire Pit Table

Palma corner set with lit halos fire pit


At Kettler, our fire pit tables offer more than just a practical and convenient source of heat and light for your outdoor area, but a beautiful centrepiece that frames the best of times in a warm glow. Browse our collection online today, or contact us for more information.