Creating A Boho Style In Your Garden

Charlbury Corner set in a Bohemian garden setting

There’s a trend that’s spreading across the world like a warm summer breeze through cityscapes and countrysides alike. Boho outfits are all the rage, with over 600,000 videos using the hashtag on TikTok, but the style is so versatile that it has morphed around garden spaces, too. Boho garden design is just as likely to spark visual interest from your guests, reflecting images of flower power and a cultured, worldly lifestyle.

Boho is an aesthetic that allows you to fully indulge in textures and materials and embrace artistic chaos, but where did it first originate? And how can you achieve this look? Read on and find out how to create your own summer of love with this comprehensive style guide.

What is the Boho Style?

Versa Corner set in a Bohemian garden setting

Boho, short for Bohemian, is a style whose origins are not entirely confirmed but is believed to be influenced by the dress wear of the travelling Romani people during the late 19th century.

The style celebrates eclectic decor and focuses on handmade materials and items with woven patterns, vibrant colours, and unique textures. It has evolved numerous times in multiple eras, most notably undergoing a modern revival thanks to the hippie movement of the 1960s. Iconic moments such as the Woodstock Festival and the Summer of Love showcased a generation co-opting the Bohemian style, forever cementing it as an aesthetic for those who wish to live freely and outside of traditions and norms.

Why Change Your Garden to a Boho Style?

Just as the Romani people travelled and collected influences from the locals wherever they roamed, the Boho style is a way to show off your nomadic lifestyle. You can showcase your cultured and spiritual side, proudly displaying the objects from the many global cultures that may have influenced you over the years, from rugs and statues to pieces of furniture from other parts of the world. It’s a place for all those trinkets you’ve been waiting to display. It’s an inspirational environment for creative and spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga, and arts and crafts sessions. It’s all of this and more.

On a practical level, the Boho style uses relatively affordable materials to achieve its vivid results, so you can wow visitors for a comparatively low price. Plus, it pairs well with many other styles, offering a large range of flexibility. And since it was first crystallised in the 19th century, the style has endured for decades and only become more prominent, making it an ageless style that won’t soon go out of fashion. It almost goes beyond trend cycles because of how it adopts individuality, creativity and the use of natural materials.

Ideas to Achieve a Boho Garden

Turning your garden into a boho-style oasis requires a wide amount of garden furniture and decor ideas. Here are some suggestions to help you cultivate a tranquil and inviting vibe:

Woven Materials

Boho Lounge set in a Bohemian garden setting

Embrace rattan and wicker for furniture and decor. Rattan furniture in particular can add to the vibe of everything being handmade whilst also being especially great for letting in just enough natural light through its woven details. At Kettler, our rattan furniture uses a synthetic alternative that is protected against the weather and can be left out all year round. From lounge sets to sofas, cushion boxes, armchairs and more, you can deck out your entire patio with premium rattan furniture that will last for many summers to come. We even have a Boho collection inspired by the intricate woven patterns of Moroccan furniture, featuring lounge sets for five, balcony sets for two and dining sets for four. Create cohesion with your rattan furniture with added wicker baskets, and natural materials such as wood, stone and clay pair well, too.

Mixing Colours and Patterns

The key to achieving a Boho style is to have multiple splashes of textiles, colours, and patterns. Find bold colours and patterns that catch the eye in fabrics and accessories such as cushions and throws, and as a general rule of thumb, the more variety, the better. Rugs are especially great at setting the tone by covering most of the floor of your outdoor space – jute rugs, Moroccan-style rugs or hand-knotted rugs all work wonderfully in a Boho garden.

elba low lunge corner set under a panalsol deluxe in the garden

Decorated Pergolas

It’s not just about what’s in front of you, but also what’s above you. Pergolas can be the centrepiece of your Boho garden, and at Kettler, our Panalsol pagodas are adjustable so you can control how much light is let in during the day. Decorate with lights for that dreamy, bohemian vibe, or consider our deluxe pergolas in white and grey which have built-in LED light controls that are remote-operated for extra convenience.

Wall Decorations

Hanging items on your fence or walls, such as mirrors, dreamcatchers, or macramé decorations, brings the cosiness of inside, outside. This continuity in design makes you feel surrounded by the aesthetic at multiple levels when you enter your outdoor space, giving a greater sense of homeliness.


Plants are a must and lots of them. Use a mix of plants with different heights, textures, and colours. Simpler, broader leaf styles like Siberian Bugloss, Monstera Deliciosa and Fiddle Leaf Figs, as well as low-maintenance succulents, are ideal. From hanging baskets to plant pots, fill every available space with greenery until you feel as though a rainforest is growing on your patio.

Comfort Items

Create different areas with cosy nooks to sit, relax, and enjoy the garden. Use an abundance of pillows, throws and cushions to add comfort and colour. These items are crucial to cultivating a Bohemian vibe because they contribute to the sense of warmth, relaxation, and laid-back luxury that defines the Boho style. By incorporating a variety of textures and patterns in these soft furnishings, you and your guests are treated to a welcoming atmosphere that is bound to spark quality social interaction and a relaxed tone.


To complete your magical Boho garden with a personal finish, scatter various trinkets throughout the space. Incorporate precious stones, seashells or any other natural objects you’ve collected on your travels to enhance the earthy feel. Pottery pieces can be placed on tables or side tables to add a rustic touch. Colourful garden gnomes, wind chimes and Buddha heads are also great additions that add a playfulness to the peace. These small details tie the entire aesthetic together, reflecting a vintage feel that complements the spiritual and rustic elements of a Boho garden.

Spend Treasured Moments in Your Garden with Kettler

Since our inception in the 1960s, Kettler has been not just a creator of quality garden furniture but a maker of memories. For over six decades, it’s been our mission to set the stage for the best of times with our products, so you can enjoy your garden space more with friends and family. Our team is here to assist you in finding furniture that will transform your garden into a Bohemian palace. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.