Creating a Winter Garden: Ideas and Inspiration

To make a garden that is truly the talk of the town, it needs to be maintained whatever the season. Many choose to focus on the summer months, but this only takes up a fraction of the year, which means your garden may go untouched or unused for the vast majority of the year.

Though the weather may not be as favourable to outdoor living in the winter, with a few simple steps, you can enjoy your garden as much as you do in the summer. Or, if the garden for you is strictly a place to reside when warm, these tips will give you a headstart on getting your garden summer-ready. Keep reading for our favourite winter garden ideas and inspiration.

Give the Garden a Winter Touch

Now you have the place neat and tidy, it’s time to add a little winter je ne sais quoi. The added touches you make will come together to create a full winter aesthetic.

Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

BBQ doesn’t have to be the only source of heat in your garden. Adding an outdoor fire pit to your seating area will allow you to sit comfortably outside all year long. Imagine toasting marshmallows, tucked up under thick blankets and looking up at the star-filled sky. Bliss!

Replace Summer Colours with Winter Ones

Struggling with winter planter ideas? A great way of keeping your garden vibrant through the dark months of winter is to consider winter-flowering plants. Cyclamen, winter heathers or winter violas all produce wonderful colours during the winter.

Consider Extra Lighting

Light up all corners of your garden and it will immediately become a more pleasant place to spend time in. Some strategically-placed outdoor lighting will work wonders not just for visibility when dark, but for a more welcoming area generally.

To help steer you in the right direction, browse our elegant range of outdoor lighting and heating products. With plenty of styles and designs, there’s something to fit every winter garden. These Elba LED candle lights (pictured) are a popular choice for their sedate and minimalistic design.

LED candle outdoor lights

Keep Things Tidy

Ensuring your garden maintenance is ticking over through the winter months is probably the hardest yet most rewarding bit of advice available. Here are some must-dos to keep your garden aesthetically crisp all year round:

Rake Your Lawn

A peculiar tip, but a real difference-maker. Your lawn is like a spider web for moss and waste, and this impedes your lawn’s ventilation, drainage and growth. Combat this by gently raking away the rubbish to help your lawn stay luscious.

Cut Away Dead Weight

Plants shedding leaves or dying should be trimmed so that just the healthy parts remain. Not doing this will make a sea of mess once the winter winds set in and debris spreads all over the garden.

Sweep Up Leaves

A fairly well-known tip, but sweeping leaves can’t be stressed enough. A lesser-known trick is to place them in a bin bag, pierce the bag and store them outside for a year or so. The result will give you a mulch rich in nutrients perfect for compost and soil.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Now, you can crack your fingers, lean back and bask in the beauty of your garden. Hopefully, this collection of winter garden inspiration will put you on a fast track to enjoying your garden all year round.