Hosting for Summer Bank Holidays

Group of friends enjoying a drink at an evening garden party

Hosting a garden party over the bank holiday weekend isn’t just about showing off your garden space – it’s about creating those joyful social moments that cement themselves in the memories of your guests. It’s about community, enjoyment, and the simple pleasures of life shared under the open sky.

With the summer bank holidays just around the corner in the UK, these extended weekends provide a fabulous opportunity to connect with loved ones. That extra day off makes for a special long weekend where we can truly get together and celebrate.

But what to do when you’re hosting a party? How can you ensure that you’ve got the right atmosphere to create a special bank holiday celebration? It’s time to hang the bunting and see how you prepare for a day in the garden that will live long in the memory of you, your friends and family.

How to Organise a Summer Garden Party

Male friends sat on garden furniture and enjoying a drink at an evening garden party

Before diving into the particulars, it’s crucial to know the backbone of any successful garden gathering:

  • Furniture – Ensure there are ample seats and tables for all your guests.
  • Entertainment – Conversation is great, but a bank holiday get-together can come alive with an activity to base it around.
  • Food – A variety of delicious and easy-to-handle foods will keep guests happy.
  • Drink – Keep a selection of refreshments available to suit all tastes – soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, and maybe a signature cocktail.
  • Heating – As the evening cools, ensure your guests remain comfortable.

Having the Right Garden Furniture

friends sat on an elba low lounge corner set on a decking in the garden

With the warm sunshine above and lush greenery around, could there be a more perfect setting for a summer bank holiday party with your nearest and dearest than your own back garden? Whether you are hosting a small, intimate gathering or a grand soirée, the right garden furniture is crucial to setting the tone.

At the heart of our collection lies a balance between durability and elegance. Our lounge sets, with their plush, double-piped cushions, are more than just seating – they’re a promise of relaxation and longevity. 8cm thick yet discreetly stowed when not in use, these cushions invite you and your guests to linger over conversations without a glance at the clock. But what about when the party picks up tempo?

Enter our innovative adjustable high/low tables. Designed to adapt from serene afternoon tea settings to lively evening dining, these tables offer unmatched versatility. Imagine how much easier your hosting duties become when your furniture conforms to the day’s needs, rather than the other way around.

Arranging your garden for maximum enjoyment requires a bit more than placing furniture haphazardly. Imagine creating zones: a cosy corner with a lounge set for intimate chats, a dynamic dining area with high tables for spirited toasts, and perhaps a tranquil spot under a grand parasol for those seeking a moment of shade.

And for those unexpected guests or larger gatherings, our sleek, matching benches and stools ensure no one is ever without a seat. Integrating these neatly with the same aesthetic as the rest of the set allows you to craft moments and memories in a space that feels inherently yours.

Consider what your guests might leave behind at home – not everyone remembers to bring sunglasses to a garden party, right? This is where our sweeping, contemporary parasols offer what you need. Offering not just UV50+ protection but also a substantial coverage area, our parasols are as much a statement piece as they are a practical addition to your garden. Whether wind-up, wall-mounted, or free-arm, these parasols ensure your guests are comfortably shielded from the midday sun.

Outdoor Games for Entertainment

What’s a summer party without some playful competition? Consider grabbing a badminton set for vertical fun, or perhaps a giant Jenga tower that will test the dexterity and strategy of your guests.

Table tennis could be the way forward, as this quick and space-efficient game always goes down a hit. Our table tennis tables are regulation size and are topped with a 4mm melamine resin plate top which ensures a ball bounce that even professionals will be happy with.

Make it a main event to keep guests entertained while the food is being made. You could even stage a tournament that decides the all-important question: who is the true champion of good old-fashioned ping pong?

Make Culinary Delights Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like the subtle joy of grilling a perfect steak or even a few homemade snacks without having to step away from the conversation.
At Kettler, we stock the Everdure range of BBQs from multiple Michelin Star-winning chef Heston Blumenthal, and it comes in both gas and charcoal varieties. It features a Fast Flame Ignition System which gets your charcoal ready in just 10 minutes and includes a built-in rotisserie system for an authentic, high-quality rotisserie experience right in your garden, while the gas BBQs have multiple individually-controlled burners which allow you to set up many foods on the go at once.

For those smaller bites, a Cozze Plancha grill could be a game-changer. Quick to heat up, easy to manage, and perfect for searing everything from meat to veggies – it keeps the cooking casual but the flavours intense.

Keeping Spirits High with Beverages

Lass of wine with a bottle of white wine on a gardn table in the sunshine

Ensure your beverage game is as strong as your food menu. Stock up on a selection of beers, wines, and handcrafted cocktails. Thoughtfully placed side tables can keep drinks within easy reach without cluttering the main lounge area, maintaining a neat and inviting space. Too many drinks could lead to an accident, which isn’t ideal when you’re likely wanting to use the good glasses!

Our side tables compliment the height and width of our lounge sets to exact measurements so that they fit neatly into your setup without any gaps or loose ends, and are made from the same high-quality materials as the rest of the range with touches of finesse such as the glass top and adjustable footcaps in case you’re placing it on uneven ground

Provide Warmth to Extend the Festivities

Close up image of a burning Kettler fire pit

Let’s face it, with Britain’s temperamental climate, a garden party could be moved indoors if you have not got the right facilities to keep your guests warm. However, envisage a setting where elegant garden heaters and a well-placed canopy shield you and your guests from a sudden chill or unexpected drizzle. It’s all about creating that snug, ‘hygge’-infused environment right in your own backyard.

How can this be achieved? With our diverse range of outdoor heating options that offer not just warmth, but also light and a stylish flair. Picture a sleek, stainless steel pendant heater, suspended gracefully above your centre table, or perhaps a free-standing heater, blending seamlessly into your garden decor. These aren’t just functional but are designed to be integral elements of your outdoor get-togethers.

Moreover, if you’re drawn to a more natural source of heat, why not consider integrating a fire pit table into your garden landscape? Our guide to entertaining with these charming additions offers invaluable insights into making the most of their warm glow and inviting flicker, perfect for those chillier evenings. Imagine not having to worry about the night’s darkness or a drop in temperature as you spend treasured time in a space where everyone is having a special time and bonding with each other.

Create Wonderous Garden Memories with Kettler

At Kettler, we pride ourselves on crafting products that enhance your outdoor living experience, making every garden party an event to remember. Since the 1960s, our commitment to quality and functionality has helped our customers create beautiful, durable outdoor spaces. Whether you need advice on selecting the perfect BBQ or garden furniture, our team is here to assist you in making your outdoor gatherings spectacular. Contact us if you have any queries, and we can help make your garden a stage for the best of times.