How to Care for Your BBQ in Winter

bbq cover for the winter

Nowadays, the possibilities are endless with what people can prepare on a good BBQ, so much so, that many consider BBQing to be an art form.

Some turn up the heat by taking part in competitions, while others simply enjoy putting on a good spread for the family.

Whatever level your BBQ skills are at, it’s imperative to make sure your unit is in pristine condition.

BBQs are synonymous with the summer months but can be forgotten throughout the rest of the year.

So, to make sure your BBQ is firing on all cylinders once the sun comes back out, follow our BBQ care advice and you’ll be ready to go.

Getting Rid of Excess

Ideally, this is something we should all be doing to a certain extent before and after each use of our BBQ. Taking the time to maintain a clean grill will pay hige didvidends in the long run.

To clean the grill itself, simply apply some heat and get to work with a good scraper and stainless-steel brush. The heat will help the oil and grease solidify making it easier to scrape away from the grill.

Final Checks

Another aspect that gets overlooked is giving your grill the once-over before putting it away for the winter. There are many moving parts to every BBQ, meaning many issues can arise.

Taking the time do some simple checks now can save you a world of hassle later on. The last thing you want is to get the BBQ back out for the first family feast of the summer to find multiple issues or, worse still, having to buy a new one altogether.

The key things to check before storing would be to make sure:

  • Everything is clean and dry – This includes the grill, hood, warming rack, control knobs and igniter. Missing any of these can open the gates to that dreaded rust.
  • Check the bottle-to-BBQ gas hose – Look carefully for any signs that the rubber has perished. If so, a new one is needed and should be stored inside and away from sunlight.

The latter naturally only applies to those with gas BBQs. The former, however, is essential for all BBQ care.

Correct Storage

It’s something that BBQ enthusiasts often don’t consider when purchasing a high-quality grill.

How you store your BBQ is just as important as how you use it to cook, and people can easily get drawn in by the flashy models without thinking about other necessary kit.

In other words, buying a high-quality charcoal or gas BBQ is a poor investment if it is likely to end up inadequately stored all year round. Storage should always be taken into account when buying a new grill.

The best way to make sure your BBQ won’t succumb to Mother Nature is to store it inside a shed or garage. BBQs often get damaged or rust when left outside in damp, cold and frosty conditions.

While we can’t ensure our BBQ protection from everything, we must do what we can. If you can’t keep your BBQ inside, investing in a highly durable BBQ cover should do the trick.

bbq cover for the winter

Get Ready to Grill

Follow these fail-safe tips on BBQ protection and you’ll be grilling like a god for years to come.

In addition to these tips, we offer some of the highest quality BBQ accessories, including our durable, long-lasting BBQ covers that will keep your grill safe and in top condition all year round.