How To Make the Most Out of A Small Garden

Cafe Roma bistro set in a small garden

Just because your garden may be small, that doesn’t mean your ideas have to be. By thinking cleverly about space and design, there are a number of creative strategies out there that can transform limited outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional retreats.

From selecting the right furniture to incorporating vertical gardening and creating cosy, secluded areas, this guide offers a wealth of tips to help you craft your small garden into an outdoor haven, brimming with charm and functionality. Read on to find out how to unlock the full potential of your garden, no matter its size.

Divide Your Garden

Think of your garden as you would your bedroom. Making distinct zones for different activities can make a world of difference in maximising space. Imagine transforming your garden with strategically placed flower beds and sleek decking, crafting separate nooks for dining and relaxation. You could split your outdoor space into a seating area for leisure time, bordered by neatly trimmed hedges that smartly divide the space between you and nature, enhancing both form and function.


Cafe Vienna in a Bohemian garden setting

Bistro Tables

When space is at a premium, choosing the right furniture is crucial to avoid overcrowding. Rather than bulky seats, opt for a chic bistro table set from Kettler. This setup not only saves space but our designs add a touch of sophisticated European flair – think of a quaint café in Paris or a breezy balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Plus, our quality constructions mean that no matter if it is made from rattan, iron, wood or aluminium, our sets are all weatherproof and can be left outdoors all year round (excluding cushions, which should be stored away after use).

Container Gardening

Container gardening is an excellent use of natural wildlife for small spaces. Pots and planters offer the flexibility to rearrange your garden layout as needed and simplify maintenance. Additionally, plants offer the opportunity to elevate your garden by integrated vertical elements. Climbing plants like wisteria or ivy, along with vertical green walls, can draw the eye upwards, expanding the perception of space and diverting attention from the confines of the garden boundaries. Complement these with wall-mounted mirrors and hanging baskets to create depth and interest and you’ll have a garden that looks greater than the sum of its parts.

Make it Secluded


Hampton bistro set in a small stone paved garden

You don’t have to sacrifice having a private nook away from the world just because you have a small garden. Introduce a Pagoda to create a secluded spot for relaxation. A pagoda adheres to two of our previous points: it divides and defines part of the space in your garden and it creates that vertical interest which is important for creating the illusion of size. Our Pagodas are made with a sturdy, maintenance-free aluminium frame and give you shade that can be adjustable to your whim, sheltering you from the world for a cosy experience.

Make Cooking Miniature

Cooking a pizza in a Cozze outdoor pizza oven in the garden

Gone are the days when a massive BBQ was necessary for entertaining. Embrace compact cooking solutions like the Cozze Grill Plancha – ideal for whipping up everything from eggs to burgers. Alternatively, consider our tabletop pizza ovens, whose slim, postbox-like design blends seamlessly into modern outdoor settings. Able to bake a restaurant-style pizza in just two minutes, these pizza ovens prove that small can indeed be mighty.

Transform Your Garden with Kettler

Since the 1960s, Kettler has been dedicated to designing outdoor furniture and equipment for the best of times. We are still inspired to transform even the tiniest of garden spaces and believe that there is potential in every garden to be the stage for lifelong memories to be made. Whether you seek style, functionality or both, our expertise is just a call or click away. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let Kettler help craft your perfect garden experience.