How To Plan A Romantic Garden Date

closeup of pink roses in garden

February is the month of love. Inspired by Valentine’s Day, couples around the globe are buying gifts, booking tables and frantically preparing to show their partners just how much they love them.

This year, why not do something different for your loved one? Instead of rushing off to your local restaurant and enjoying their scenery, try altering your garden into romantic luxury that’s right on your doorstep. In this piece, we’ll run through some of the ways you can make your garden more romantic; perfect for valentine’s day date ideas or for those looking to bring a natural touch to romance.

Romantic Garden Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Set the Scene With Lighting

Lighting does more than just illuminate dark spaces. With the right placement, design and approach, your outdoor lighting can be a valuable tool in setting just the right type of ambience for romance.

Often, gardens will feature white spotlights to give better visibility in the dark. While these lights make it easier to see what’s in front of you, they also have a downside of being quite garish. Instead, try setting the mood with some more aesthetically pleasing lighting with a lower luminance level. Dark mood lighting is known to create a much more relaxed tone; the perfect environment for you and your partner to unwind.

We particularly like using LED Candle lights for this exact purpose. They’re portable, safer than regular candles, and still give off the same levels of romantic light.

Get Intimate with Dining Sets

There’s no doubting the luxury of larger-than-life garden furniture. Being able to sprawl out on a sofa or bench is the perfect source of outdoor relaxation. However, Valentine’s Day is about being closer, and more connected with each other.

Ditching the large tables and chairs is a great way to immediately establish a one-to-one connection with your partner. We particularly like the Café Roma bistro set (pictured above) for this exact reason. A small, round table and two comfortable mesh chairs makes it one of the most perfect dining sets for your Valentine’s Day meal.


Dark sky with stars

With gifts exchanged and food eaten, the end of the evening draws near. Rather than heading inside to watch TV, why not enjoy the free, romantic display of stars right in your garden?

While it might sound cliché, stargazing is a quintessential activity for Valentine’s Day. Not only do the stars look particularly bright this time of year, but they are filled with stories about romance and love, most notably Greek mythology tales about Medusa, Peusues, Pegasus and Andromeda.

If you do go stargazing, be sure to wrap up warm. Of course, the best way to stay toasty while outdoors is to use outdoor heating equipment. We’ve got all sorts of outdoor heating at KETTLER within our Kalos range. There’s pendant heaters that can be hung on top of patios, and even freestanding electric heaters that can be moved to any location you desire (just make sure you have a power source nearby).

Use Homegrown Ingredients

What’s more romantic than a home cooked meal? There’s nothing like it. From the preparation process to enjoying it with someone you love, staying in together to enjoy your favourite food is one of our favourite Valentine’s Day dates at home.

While cooking the meal by hand is a labour of love, why not go one step further with the ingredients? Whether you grow the herbs and spices on a windowsill or use fruit and veg from your own crops, there’s something additionally personal about cooking your own food, with your own ingredients for your loved one.

You could even go one step further and prepare the whole thing in the garden using an outdoor kitchen. The Neo Outdoor Kitchen is perfect for this. It features a chiller for your drinks, ample worktop space for chopping and slicing, and a 6 burner BBQ for the perfect grilled finish.

Build your romantic haven with KETTLER

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