Nosey Neighbours? Here’s How to Make Your Garden Private

If there’s one downside to having a large, open garden, it’s the lack of privacy. Don’t get us wrong, some large gardens improve privacy, but any large open area is prone to wandering eyes from neighbours and passers-by.

The same thing goes for apartments; it’s very rare that an apartment comes included with a fully privatised garden space. Is your garden overlooked by neighbours? Find out how to get privacy in an overlooked garden, here.

Garden Privacy Ideas

When pursuing garden privacy, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Having said this, here’s a few initial steps you can take to address your garden’s privacy problems.

Gather some opinions

If you’re struggling to determine exactly what you need to fix, the best thing to do would be to speak to others. Friends and family are great for this, as their outsider perspective can be vital in picking up on things you might have otherwise missed.

So, invite some people around and tell them to hunt out privacy hindering issues. Maybe throw a garden party while you’re at it?

Consider natural solutions

Gardens should be natural, relaxing environments surrounded by plants and greenery. Knowing this, sometimes the last thing you’ll want to do is to introduce a bunch of garish manmade materials. Before it gets to that point, it can be helpful to look at the existing features of your garden. Do you have a particularly tall tree or shrub? It might be worth using such a thing to your advantage.

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If possible, another good idea would be to move portable pieces to a more appropriate location such as in the centre of your lawn. This gives ample coverage of a common play/seating area, without the need for manmade materials.

Use parasols tactically

Kettler Panalsol deluxe

Parasols aren’t just built for protecting us against harsh UV rays, they also have an added benefit of increased privacy. When you choose your next garden parasol, selecting an exceptionally large model might be just the ticket for restoring privacy in your garden from neighbours, while also offering even greater protection from the sun.

Take the Deluxe Panalsol (pictured) for example. In addition to the direct cover it gives away from above, the sides can even be configured to have privacy-enhancing bars that prevent wandering eyes, while still allowing in plenty of sunshine.

Invest in privacy-focused furniture

Kettler Palma Day Bed

Funnily enough, garden privacy is even something that can be addressed with furniture directly. As a result, there’re all sorts of seating and dining areas that have been built with privacy in mind. Take the Palma Daybed (pictured) for example. It has a rear shield that folds over when you’re kicking back, preventing wandering eyes from gazing down as you relax.

It doesn’t just stop there, though. There’s a whole world of privacy-enhancing garden furniture for you to choose from. Explore some of the options we have at Kettler, today.

Use water features

Privacy isn’t just infringed visually. Many people flat-out neglect to have sensitive conversations outdoors because of the lacking audible privacy. This can leave some perplexed, seldom using their gardens unless the outside temperatures creep up.

This is a great shame, but thankfully there’s a way to regain some of this privacy. One method is to use water features. Faux rivers, fountains and constantly running grass sprinklers generate just enough noise to throw outsiders off your topic, granting enough privacy to allow you to finish your conversations.

Focus your efforts

With privacy, the temptation can be to just try and gather as much of it as you can by creating all sorts of view-blocking obstacles. But this isn’t always the most optimal way of doing things, especially if you value aesthetics.

Rather than buying up as many different obstacles as you can, it helps to mostly focus on the main areas of privacy leakage. That way your garden is kept private, without restricting precious sunlight in other areas.

Add height and structures

This tip is particularly useful if your privacy is being lost lengthways. Building upwards can force things out of side-on view, restoring previously held privacy.

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A great way to do this would be through raising platforms up a level, especially those you find yourself using more than others.

Personalise your private space with Kettler

With your privacy restored, you can now start to investigate making your space your own. In particular, fitting it out with furniture that fits the look and feel of your zen garden.

To do just that, browse our store and discover furniture that complements your preferences.