Outdoor Activities for the Kids

dad playing table tennis with kids outdoor

Here at Kettler, we understand how difficult it can be to think of new ways to keep the kids entertained and away from those pesky screens, no matter what age your children are. Why not start thinking outside of the box?


Make the most of sunnier days by doing crafts outdoors; it also keeps the mess away from your lovely clean home too! Getting crafty is fun for all ages and doesn’t require an abundance of space either. There are lots of YouTube videos that can provide inspiration on how to recycle existing items and materials found around the home so it doesn’t have to cost you a penny! Remember to cover your garden furniture well, to avoid any spillages or accidents.

Make a den

Remember making a fort in your living room as a kid? Well, why not bring it outdoors! Create a tent/teepee by draping blankets over your garden furniture. The kids can bring snacks and books into their cozy new nook whilst staying shaded from the sun on those extra warm days…

Table Tennis

Not only is Table Tennis a great way of keeping active, our Table Tennis Tables can provide hours of endless fun for friends and family to enjoy. For gardens and garages, see our selection of table tennis tables suitable for both Outdoor and Indoor use. For those who are fortunate enough to have a games room at home, our Indoor Table Tennis Tables would make a great addition for competitive families on rainy days…

Many of us have invested time and money into our outdoor living areas over the past year, and although lockdown restrictions are easing and we’re allowed in the big wide world once more, there has been a shift in mindset when it comes to making plans from your home and garden that we think is here to stay!