Sunshine Seating: Conservatory Furniture Trends for 2024

RHS Halow Carr Lounge Set in a conservatory

Conservatory furniture trends are slow-moving compared to fashion trends, but there is a shift occurring that is changing what conservatory furniture is en vogue and what is no longer chic. Recently, there’s been a pronounced move away from Instagram-ready conservatory furniture designed to make loud statements that feel like a stage set more than a home interior. People are now going back to natural, function-over-form furniture that creates a warm and earnest environment for the best of times.

With so many ideas for furniture design online, being able to tell what ideas will last for years to come is increasingly more difficult. If you’ve been scouring through Pinterest for conservatory furniture ideas with no luck, we’re here to help. From colours and shapes to furniture pieces and design inspirations, we’ve collated a rundown of the up-to-date ideas in modern conservatory furniture that will outlast trend cycles and age with timeless elegance.

Nature-Inspired Design

There was once a time when industrial looks were all the rage. However, while they produce eye-catching conservatories, it can make the atmosphere more intense than it needs to be. As such, we are now leaning back towards more welcoming designs with soft materials and natural finishes, and organic-looking designs are seeing increased popularity off the back of it.

Experimenting with natured-inspired (or biophilic, as they say in the design world) texture is great for bridging your home interior and garden, and adds depth, visual interest, and tactile appeal. Rattan is the perfect material to get this feel and is the material of choice for many who value lightweight furniture that’s easy to manoeuvre and reconfigure. They are ideal for lounge sets, and Kettler’s rattan furniture is hand-woven from synthetic rattan which is more weatherproof, so you can take the furniture outside and leave it there overnight if circumstances call for extra seating in the garden. Plus, it achieves that biophilic aesthetic that brings you closer to nature.

Earth Tone and Neutral Colour Palettes

Bouncing off of our sway towards nature-inspired design, earthy and more neutral tones have been adorning conservatory furniture to match the organic aesthetic. Shades of brown, beige and terracotta define this trend, and studies show that these colours inspire a sense of comfort and relaxation within the glass windows of your conservatory. There’s an eternal appeal to these more subdued hues, plus, from a practical design perspective, these colours are incredibly versatile, allowing you to have a centrepiece of a wide array of colours across the spectrum.

As well as white wash, Kettler conservatory furniture comes in a warm oyster colour with a taupe undertone which reveals itself in the sunlight. With our oyster-coloured furniture, you can have a fresh-feeling conservatory with a restrained but still noticeable cosiness (or as they say in Denmark, “Hygge”).

Multifunctional Furniture

Two Kettler Palma recliners with footsools in a conservatory

Every square foot counts and people are starting to appreciate this, opting for more functionally elegant furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. The charm of multifunctional furniture lies not just in its aesthetic appeal but in its ability to eliminate unnecessary furniture – why have two tables when one will do?

Imagine the ease with which Kettler’s lounge sets adapt to your life’s rhythm, featuring options that include a height-adjustable high/low table. This ingenious design can change from being a casual coffee table to a formal dining table with ease, making it an absolute must-have for a modern conservatory.

More Social Furniture

In the years since the global pandemic and ensuing lockdown, we’ve all come to appreciate the social opportunities that a conservatory can bring. It’s why many are choosing to create spaces that encourage togetherness, where the design facilitates conversation and interaction. Moving beyond the conventional arrangement of chairs flanking a coffee table and envisaging more inclusive seating options that invite engagement and warmth.

The most expansive of our lounge sets can seat up to seven people, and if you need more, there are matching benches and stools that can slot into the aesthetic naturally. Our extensive range of lounge sets is designed with sociability in mind, with our largest sets able to seat up to seven guests. For those occasions that call for a bit more room, there are matching benches and stools that can slot into the aesthetic naturally, ensuring your living space remains coherent and aesthetically pleasing.

Corners For Comfort

Kettler LaMode Corner Sofa set in a conservatory

Curved furniture has seen an uptick in the past few years, but there’s already a revolt against it. While curved furniture often symbolises relaxation and an open invitation, straight lines and direct corners possess their own understated charm. Moreover, furniture with direct angles is far more spatially efficient, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make the most out of their living areas.

Our corner sets are a testament to this philosophy, perfectly blending form with function. By simply adding a few plush pillows, these corner spaces become a cosy nook that invites you to unwind and sink into comfort. It’s a testament to how thoughtful design can transform any corner of your home into a sanctuary of solace and relaxation.

Freshen Up Your Conservatory Furniture With Kettler

Kettler Charlbury lounge furniture set in a conservatroy

If you’re looking to upgrade your conservatory, Kettler has been innovating and refining quality furniture since the 1960s. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect furniture for you, offering advice and support every step of the way. Browse our conservatory furniture section, or reach out to us with any questions.