Top Grilling & Barbecue Tips

Grilled vegetables cooking on a gas bbq

There’s nothing quite like the feeling a BBQ gives you, where the aroma of grilled food fills the air, and the sound of sizzling meats ignites your appetite. However, lurking behind the anticipation of that first bite is the jeopardy of the unknown: Will your culinary creations char to a crisp or achieve that perfect, succulent finish? Happily, there are ways to ensure a great BBQ meal for friends and family, and by choosing to read this blog, you’re already a grill master in the making.

Read on to find out whether to choose between gas and charcoal, how to master the art of flavour and more charcoal and gas BBQ tips for beginners and experts alike.

Should You Use Gas or Charcoal BBQ?

When it comes to BBQ, the debate between gas and charcoal is as old as time. Each has its merits and its loyal followers.

Gas BBQs are the go-to for convenience and time. With individual control knobs for temperature regulation across the burners, creating different grilling zones becomes a breeze. Perfect for those who value precision and ease. Also, there is no waiting around for the charcoal to heat up, perfect for impromptu BBQs.

Charcoal BBQs, on the other hand, offer an authentic grilling experience with an unbeatable smoky taste. Our BBQs from Everdure feature automated touch controls that provide an electric ignition so the charcoal can start burning with the push of a button, as well as an electrically adjustable rotisserie, they bring tradition to your outdoor space.

Tips for Charcoal BBQs

close up of lamb cooking on a charcoal barbeque

Be mindful of the inherent nature of charcoal fires. The key to charcoal barbecuing is airflow. It is the lifeblood of your charcoal BBQ; the more air that flows in, the hotter your fire. Your grill dampers are critical for regulating its internal temperature. If you find your coals burning too quickly, adjust by partially closing the top vent. Conversely, ensure the bottom vent remains open during grilling to keep the fire alive. The airflow you have will depend on the type of food that you are cooking, so be sure to use your own culinary instincts.

For more tips and guides on the Everdure Charcoal BBQs, consult the official user guide.
Additionally, there are many accessories that can enhance your experience. Make the dispersing of coal stylish and more convenient with our accompanying Everdure coal scuttle, and to manage different cooking timings, use our accompanying warming rack which sits on the grill of your Everdure charcoal BBQ and keeps food warm without overcooking it.

Tips for Gas BBQs

Heston cooking steak on a gas barbeque

Many of the tips in the Charcoal BBQ tips section above apply to gas BBQs as well. Having three separate burner areas in your Kettler gas BBQ allows you to fine-tune and cook multiple types of food at once, but it’s important not to overcrowd the grill so that each food item has room to breathe and cook evenly. This ensures that everything from your delicate fish fillets to robust vegetables receives the perfect amount of heat. Plus, doing this improves heat circulation, which is crucial for achieving those coveted grill marks and a uniformly cooked interior.

For further tips on cooking with the Everdure Gas BBQ, consult the Everdure YouTube channel and these videos.

How to Get the Perfect BBQ Taste

rottisery of lamb cooking on a charcoal barbeque

The signature smoky taste of BBQ is what we all aspire to make, but achieving this involves patience. Resist the temptation to flip over your food so often and just flip it once from one side to the other. With enough patience, your meat and fish will surrender to the grill and brown, or caramelise, as some call it.

Using marinades is a simple, versatile way to add bursts of flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. Prepare meat, fish and vegetables in marinade and store it in the fridge in the morning, and by the afternoon when the sun is shining, the flavours will have seeped and developed into every morsel of the food (be sure to leave it out for 20 minutes to lose the fridge’s chill). Season once cooked, and you’ve got that seared BBQ taste with a depth of flavour.

Understanding Direct Vs Indirect Heat

Mastering direct and indirect heating methods can significantly impact your grilling outcomes. Direct heat is perfect for smaller, tender pieces, while indirect heat suits larger cuts needing cooking times of 20 minutes or more.

When using direct heat, fat can drip onto the coals or burner and ignite it, causing flare-ups that can char your food. To combat this, keep the grill lid down as much as possible to limit oxygen and create a more oven-like environment for even cooking. Should you encounter flare-ups, don’t panic. Temporarily moving the food to an area of indirect heat can save your meal from burning.

To create indirect heat on a charcoal grill, arrange the coals to one side, creating a hot zone for direct heat and a cooler zone for indirect cooking. For gas grills, achieve this by turning on one set of burners to high and leaving the area under the food unlit.

Keeping Your BBQ Clean

Clean grill on an everdure gas bbq

Maintaining the cleanliness of your BBQ not only keeps your cooking hygienic but also makes sure your BBQ is as good as new, summer after summer.

Make it a routine to clean your BBQ after every use. This prevents the buildup of grease and food residues that can affect your grill’s performance and the taste of your food. Our multi-purpose cleaning brush is designed to reach the hardest spots and remove grime without damaging your grill, and our brush and pan set is perfect for collecting ash from charcoal BBQs, ensuring a clean base for your next grilling session.
It’s not just the inside but the outside of your BBQ, too. When not in use, covering your BBQ can protect it from the elements and reduce the amount of cleaning required. Kettler’s BBQ range includes tailormade covers that fit their models perfectly, offering protection against rain, dust, and sunlight. You can find these products and more in our BBQ accessories section.

Light Up Your BBQ Setup With Kettler

If you’re looking to upgrade your BBQ to make this summer one to cherish, our dedicated team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal BBQ setup from Kettler. We provide expert advice and support throughout your decision-making process. Explore our BBQ range, or get in touch with us for any queries.