Top Tips for an Instant Garden Makeover

Your outdoor living space can be a difficult space to curate, no matter how big or small, especially if you live in the UK with its unpredictable weather. We wanted to share our tips and tricks to turn your garden into an extension of your home. With a little extra thought and creativity, not only does it give you another part of the house to enjoy, but it can also add value to your property too.

Walls – Let’s start with the shell; like any room in the house, you can also add walls to your garden. I’m not talking about fences here; there are lots of options to create an outside room, like using Pergolas for example. For a real showstopper, why not browse our Panalsols? With adjustable panels and stylish slats, your garden is sure to get a lot of wows when guests enter!

Garden Panalsol

Garden FurnitureAdding comfort and practicality to your space is key to outdoor living. Take your time when it comes to purchasing a furniture set, and remember, if it’s expensive its probably for a good reason. Quality is key, as your outdoor furniture has to face all weather, unlike the indoor stuff. Think about what’s important to you; if you have a large family and enjoy eating outdoors, then a large dining area may be better suited to you than a sofa set. We recommend our Casual Dining range which ticks a lot of boxes, and is suitable for dining and lounging on!

Garden Furniture

Heating & Lighting – adding heating and lighting to your garden not only creates a cosy ambience but is practical too, as it also allows you to continue enjoying your garden right into the evening. The UK summers can still be rather chilly at times, adding heating to your garden will help you get the most enjoyment from your outdoor space. Whether you add a pendant light, or want a lamp on your side table, our Kalos range has all the heating solutions you can think of.

garden heating
Accessorising – One of the final steps in any home is to accessorise and the same rules apply for gardens – mirrors will help make your space appear larger and the use of a rug can help section out open plan living. Large, window-like mirrors are incredibly popular, making your outdoor space look larger, but also adding some interest to plain, dull fences. Make things cosy by adding candles, whether you want a romantic vibe or just a cosy night to yourself, candles can add a calming atmosphere for you to relax in your garden. The elba LED candles allow you to enjoy the gentle flicker of a real candle, without having to worry about the messy wax.

garden accessories
Soft furnishings are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor living areas and can help compliment and soften the appearance of garden furniture. We recommend being a bit braver with colours when it comes to cushions and throws as summer is the best time for it (Remember to store them away during wet weather though)!

soft furnishings


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