What’s the Best Shape For Your Outdoor Dining Set?

Kettler Savita 4 seat mesh dining set in a beautiful sunny garden

When it comes to selecting the perfect outdoor dining set, the shape of the table can significantly influence the overall dining experience. Whether you are hosting a large family gathering or enjoying an intimate meal under the stars, choosing the right shape can either give you the right excuse to sit out in the garden or make it an awkward squeeze that doesn’t inspire those magical family moments.

This guide will delve into the benefits of square, round, and corner dining sets to help you make an informed decision. It’s your ticket to creating an inviting atmosphere for your alfresco adventures.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Table

Kettler Gio 6 seat dining set on a modern garden terrace

First and foremost, before browsing any tables, you should take a moment to weigh up what you need and desire from your table. Consider what you will be using the table for. Will you be using your set just for small gatherings, or will it be a multi-functional space for meals, work and home projects? In this case, a rectangular table could prove to be more versatile than a round table.

Conversational flow is another aspect you should consider, as each table shape controls how freely and where a conversation flows in its own way. Round tables are excellent for promoting conversation and social interaction, as everyone can see each other easily, whereas rectangular tables have certain dilemmas that make it harder for guests to interact, such as the opposite ends being relatively far away. It’s these small details that will come to define how your garden’s social activities will live and breathe.

The Practical Elegance of a Square Dining Set

Kettler LaMode 4 seat dining set on a stone garden patio

Square or rectangular dining sets are staple choices for many, and it’s easy to see why. Tables like the Malo Dining Set offer a greater surface area, perfect for laying out a feast, and their clean lines lend a sophisticated air to your outdoor décor. Ideal for gatherings of more than four, rectangular tables can comfortably accommodate larger groups. You can marvel at how they can transform a simple garden into a refined dining area.

In a practical sense, the geometric precision of square and rectangular tables means they fit snugly into more linear spaces and, when not in use, chairs tuck neatly underneath, maintaining a tidy appearance. Due to their commonality in shape with most patios, these tables provide excellent modularity – you can even combine two tables to cater for unexpected guests – a handy feature for your next big social gathering. With a rectangular table, you get extra space for your width, allowing you more space to place down condiments, drinks, side plates and more.

However, square dining sets are perhaps a double-edged sword, as with fewer guests around, it can make the space feel cold and impersonal. This can be countered with a smaller square dining set or another option.

The Togetherness of a Round Dining Set

Kettler Cora 8 seat dining set on a stone patio in the garden

On the other end of the dining table spectrum, round and oval tables bring a softer, more welcoming feel to your garden. These shapes are psychologically soothing, putting everyone’s attention towards the centre and promoting feelings of friendship and togetherness – there’s a reason why round tables are favoured when playing games like poker.

The circular nature of tables such as the Cora 8-Seater Round table means they fit gracefully into smaller or uniquely shaped areas and allow for more chairs without the awkward jostling for space. And who doesn’t love the functionality of a lazy susan in the middle of a round table? No sharp corners mean safer navigation for both adults and children alike. But, this does come at the cost of having less surface area compared to their angular counterparts.

The Comfortable Versatility of a Corner Set

Kettler Charbury corner garden furniture set on a stunning gardn patio


Perhaps the most laid-back option is the corner dining set. This set grants you a plush sofa feel while accommodating a good number of people without sacrificing space. These are perfect if you cherish long conversations in your garden. How wonderful is it to have a setup where everyone can join in a group chat or sit back and enjoy the view? Many of our corner sets are furnished with our adjustable High/Low tables that can transform from a dining table to a coffee table in seconds, making it effortless to observe the majesty of your garden unobstructed.

Which Dining Table Shape is Best For You?



It truly depends on your specific needs and space. If your patio area is on the smaller side, a round dining set might serve you best. For those with larger outdoor spaces, the options broaden – you might find a square or rectangular table more suitable.

At Kettler, we offer garden dining sets of all shapes and sizes, made with strong, weatherproof materials and thick, comfy cushions. We offer a myriad of designs that accentuate the beauty of your garden, making the urge to spend the best of times outside in your garden all the more tantalising.

Build Lasting Moments in Your Garden with Kettler

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At Kettler, it’s been our mission since the 1960s to create outdoor furniture that sets the scenes for lifelong memories in your garden. This commitment still fuels us, and our team is here to help you find the perfect dining set for your outdoor space. If you have any questions, contact us today, and let’s make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable.