Pizza in Cozze Pizza Oven


Food is what brings people together during a social gathering, but what if you could bring the full functionality of your kitchen outside?

Cozze answers this question with a range of outdoor pizza ovens and grill planchas that deliver power and simplicity in your outdoor cooking adventures. With Cozze, you’ll be able to enjoy effortless outdoor dining, making every event a special one

Create Tastebud Spectacles with an Outdoor Pizza Oven

A Cozze pizza oven brings powerful pizza baking to your fingertips. Available in either electronic or gas pizza oven models, these cooking wonders allow you to have the authentic pizza-baking experience – the smell of burning bread and sizzling cheese wafting in the air – without the heavy, difficult-to-master machinery. Its sleek design fits onto an outdoor kitchen table with poise, and your pizza pie can be ready to eat in as little as two minutes. More than that, a Cozze pizza oven brings the family together to bask in the spectacle of witnessing a pizza being baked right in front of you, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cozze Pizza Oven cooking a pizza

Cook Flavourful Meals on a Cozze Grill Plancha

Take a lightweight and portable Cozze grill plancha with you and you have the perfect culinary companion for any outdoor cookout. Cozze grill planchas offer the convenience of having a small cooker that can be controlled by two zones, allowing you to whip up meat and vegetables at the same time using two separate heat controls. Planchas can cook a host of different foods from meat to fish to breakfast and lunch meals, and its enamelled cast iron grill plates ensure even heat distribution and a perfect cook every time. Alfresco meals can be made and served up while chatting with your guests, meaning you don’t miss out on those finite moments when everyone comes together.

Cozze grill cooking food